Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship


The Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship (formerly Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Trials) are the national curling championships for mixed doubles curling in Canada. The trials decide the team that represents Canada at the same year's World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship.[1] The team representing Canada had been previously decided through a playoff between two teams formed from the winners of the Canadian Mixed Curling Championship earlier in the season.[2]

Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship
2021 host cityCalgary, Alberta
2021 arenaMarkin MacPhail Centre, Canada Olympic Park
2021 championManitoba Kerri Einarson / Newfoundland and Labrador Brad Gushue
Current edition

Format and qualificationEdit

As of 2017, the event consists of thirty-two teams participating in a preliminary round robin and a single-knockout playoff. Each of the provincial and territorial curling associations are allotted one entry into the championship, as well as the final four teams from the previous championship, one bonspiel winner with the remaining teams qualifying based on their ranking on the Canadian Mixed Doubles Ranking (CMDR).[3]

Past championsEdit

Year Winning team Runner-up team Host
2013   Isabelle Néron / Robert Desjardins   Nancy Martin / Dustin Kalthoff Leduc, Alberta
2014   Kim Tuck / Wayne Tuck, Jr.   Kalynn Park / Charley Thomas Ottawa, Ontario
2015   Kalynn Park / Charley Thomas   Tess Bobbie / Bowie Abbis-Mills Ottawa, Ontario
2016   Jocelyn Peterman /   Brett Gallant   Laura Crocker /   Geoff Walker Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2017   Joanne Courtney /   Reid Carruthers   Rachel Homan /   John Morris Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2018   Laura Crocker /   Kirk Muyres   Kadriana Sahaidak / Colton Lott Leduc, Alberta
2019   Jocelyn Peterman /   Brett Gallant   Nancy Martin /   Tyrel Griffith Fredericton, New Brunswick
2020 Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada
2021   Kerri Einarson /   Brad Gushue   Kadriana Sahaidak / Colton Lott Calgary, Alberta[4]
2022 Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada


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