Cannes Mandelieu Space Center


The Cannes Mandelieu Space Center is an industrial plant dedicated to spacecraft manufacturing, located in both the towns of Cannes and Mandelieu in France. After a long history in aircraft manufacturing, starting in 1929, the center became increasingly involved in aerospace activities after the Second World War, and satellites are now the plant's main product.

Thales Alenia Space
Key people
Pierre Lipsky, Center Director[1]
Number of employees
1,950 (Jan. 2009)
ParentThales Alenia Space
The Cannes Mandelieu Space Center

After having been the Satellite Division of Aérospatiale, then Alcatel Space in 1998, then Alcatel Alenia Space in 2005, the center is now part, since April 10, 2007,[2] of Thales Alenia Space and the headquarters of the company.

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