Canon de 47mm modèle 1902
Place of originFrance
Service history
In service1902–1945
Used byFrance
WarsWorld War I
World War II
Mass308 kg (679 lb)
Barrel length2,350 mm (93 in) (bore length)

Shell weight2 kg (4.4 lb)
Caliber47 mm (1.9 in)
Muzzle velocity690 m/s (2,300 ft/s)

The Canon de 47 mm modèle 1902 was a light naval gun used as the anti-torpedo armament for a number of battleships and cruisers of the French Navy. It was used as the main shipboard anti-aircraft gun during World War I.


Built by Hotchkiss, the gun was designed to replace the Canon de 47 mm modèle 1885 in new battleships and cruisers as their anti-torpedo armament, having a larger muzzle velocity than its predecessor.[1]

Naval use

The Liberté-class and Danton-class battleships mounted the gun, in addition to the cruisers Jules Michelet, Ernest Renan, and those of the Edgar Quinet-class. It was used as the standard French shipboard anti-aircraft gun during World War I, being replaced by the Canon de 75 mm modèle 1908.[1]



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