Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 15


Launch Complex 15 (LC-15) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida is a deactivated launch complex used by LGM-25 Titan missiles between 1959 and 1964. It was originally built for conducting test flights of the Titan I, which made its maiden flight from LC-15 on 6 February 1959. LC-15 is the southernmost of the four original Titan launch complexes on Missile Row.

Launch Complex 15
Launch siteCape Canaveral Space Force Station
Location28°29′47″N 80°32′57″W / 28.4963°N 80.5493°W / 28.4963; -80.5493
Short nameLC-15
OperatorUS Space Force
Total launches26
Launch pad(s)One
Launch history
First launch6 February 1959
Last launch9 April 1964
Titan I
Titan II

The last of ten Titan I launches from LC-15 occurred in September 1960. Following this, it was converted for use by the Titan II, which made the first of 16 flights from the complex in June 1962. The last launch from LC-15 occurred on 9 April 1964.

Following the last launch, LC-15 remained active until its retirement from service. Much of the complex, including the tower, launch stand and erector was demolished in June 1967. The blockhouse, cable tunnel, and parts of the launch table and ramp were abandoned in place, and were all still standing until the demolition of the blockhouse in 2011.


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