Carino of Balsamo


Blessed Carino of Balsamo
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Domenichino, The Murder of Saint Peter Martyr.
BornCinisello Balsamo
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
FeastApril 28

Blessed Carino Pietro of Balsamo (died 1293), sometimes called St. Acerinus,[1] was the murderer of Saint Peter of Verona (Saint Peter Martyr) who later repented his actions and became a Dominican lay brother. He is venerated as a beatus by the Catholic Church.[2]


Prior to his entering the Dominican Order, Carino, was, according to Catholic tradition, a cruel man without scruples who had been hired by Milanese Cathars to kill Peter, a prominent Catholic inquisitor. Carino was a native of Cinisello Balsamo. The murder took place on April 6, 1252, when Peter was returning from Como to Milan. Carino's accomplice was named Manfredo Clitoro, of Giussano.[1] The two assassins followed Peter as far as Barlassina, murdering him and mortally wounding Peter's companion Domenico at a lonely spot.[1]

Carino split Peter’s head open, and mortally wounded Domenico. When he found that Peter was still breathing, he stabbed him with a dagger.[1]

Carino fled to a Dominican monastery at Forlì, and confessed his crime to Giacomo Salomoni of Venice, also venerated as a beatus.[2] Carino performed penances and become a lay brother there.[2] Manfredo subsequently fled from the authorities and may have found refuge amongst the Waldenses in the Alps.[1]


After his death, Carino was venerated by the people of Forlì.[2]

The regulation of Carino's cult by the papacy began in 1822, but the death of Pius VII delayed the process, and the paperwork was misplaced.[2] Carino is buried at the Cathedral of Forlì, and in 1934, Cinisello Balsamo obtained Carino's head, a translation at which Blessed Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster participated.[2] Carino's feast day is celebrated on April 28, the day of this translation.[2]

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