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Carol Smith Schumacher (born 1960)[1] is a Bolivian-born American mathematician specializing in real analysis, a mathematics educator, and a textbook author. She is a professor of mathematics at Kenyon College, and vice president of the Mathematical Association of America.[2]

Early life and education

Schumacher was born in La Paz, Bolivia[3] as the daughter of missionaries, and grew up in Bolivia speaking both English and Spanish.[4] She majored in mathematics at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, and graduated with honors in 1982.[5] It was in freshman calculus at Hendrix that she met her husband, physicist and quantum information theorist Benjamin Schumacher.[6]

She went to the University of Texas at Austin for graduate study, and completed her Ph.D. in 1989 with a dissertation on the theory of Banach spaces, jointly supervised by Edward Odell and Haskell Rosenthal.[5][7]

Career and contributions

Schumacher joined Kenyon College as Dana Assistant Professor in 1988, has been full professor there since 2002,[5] and has been department chair for several terms. She was elected vice president of the Mathematical Association of America for the 2018–2020 term.[8]

Schumacher is the author of two inquiry-based learning textbooks:[4] Chapter Zero: Fundamental Notions of Abstract Mathematics, on the transition to proofs (Addison-Wesley, 1996; 2nd edition, 2001)[9] and Closer and Closer: Introducing Real Analysis, on real analysis (Jones and Bartlett, 2008).[10]


Kenyon College gave Schumacher their Senior Trustee Teaching Excellence Award in 2005.[5][11] She was the 2017 winner of the Distinguished Teaching Award of the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America.[12]


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