Cephissus (Athenian plain)


Cephissus (Ancient Greek: Κήφισσος; Greek: Κηφισός, Kifisos) is a river in the vicinity of Athens, Greece. Together with the neighbouring river Ilisos, it drains a catchment area of 420 km2 (160 sq mi).[1]

20090426 Kifissos river under the highway view Athens.jpg
Cephissus river view under the highway Athens-Lamia
Native nameΚηφισός (Greek)
Physical characteristics
 • locationSaddle between Parnitha and Penteli mountains
 • location
Phaleron Bay
 • coordinates
37°56′19″N 23°40′12″E / 37.93861°N 23.67000°E / 37.93861; 23.67000Coordinates: 37°56′19″N 23°40′12″E / 37.93861°N 23.67000°E / 37.93861; 23.67000
Cephissus river view from above - from a bridge at the highway Athens-Lamia

The Bibliotheca (3.15.1) states that the legendary Erechtheus' wife Praxithea was daughter of Phrasimus (otherwise unknown to us) by Diogenia (otherwise unknown to us) daughter of Cephissus.

The source of the river is in the saddle depression between the Parnitha and Penteli mountains. From there it flows generally southwest until it reaches the Phaleron Bay between Neo Faliro and Moschato. Presently the river flows near or under the Motorway 1 linking Athens and Thessaloniki for much of its length. This section of Motorway 1 is named Avenue Kifissou, near which is the Kifissos Bus Terminal.


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