Channel Light Vessel Automatic


Channel Light Vessel 23 at Canning Dock - - 720220.jpg
Channel lightvessel 23 at Canning Dock
Trinity House Ensign.svgUnited Kingdom
Operator: Trinity House
In service: 25 November 2006
Status: Active as of 2020
General characteristics
Type: Lightvessel
Channel Light Vessel 23 at Canning Dock - - 720220.jpg
Channel Light Vessel Automatic is located in Southern England
Channel Light Vessel Automatic
Coordinates49°54.459′N 2°53.744′W / 49.907650°N 2.895733°W / 49.907650; -2.895733Coordinates: 49°54.459′N 2°53.744′W / 49.907650°N 2.895733°W / 49.907650; -2.895733
Focal height12 m (39 ft)
Range15 mi (24 km)
CharacteristicF0.3 15s
Fog signal1 blast of 2 seconds every 20 seconds
Managing agentTrinity House

Channel Light Vessel Automatic is the name of a lightvessel in the English Channel. It is one of the 22 coastal weather stations whose conditions are automatically reported in the BBC Shipping Forecast. The vessel's position is 49°55′N 2°54′W / 49.917°N 2.900°W / 49.917; -2.900, approximately 56 km (35 mi) north-northwest of Guernsey.

The lightvessel marks the western end of the English Channel Traffic Separation Zone.[1]


The light, on a 12 m (39 ft) tower, has a range of about 15 miles, and flashes for .3 seconds every 15 seconds. The fog signal gives a single 2 second blast every 20 seconds. The agile radio beacon transmits the letter "O" in morse code on X band and S band frequencies for nine seconds every thirty seconds.[2]


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