Charmadas (Greek: Χαρμάδας; also Charmides (Χαρμίδης); 168/7 – 103/91 BC)[1] was a Greek Academic Skeptic philosopher and a disciple of Carneades at the Academy in Athens. He was famous for his elegant style.[2] Charmadas introduced the teaching of rhetoric into the Academy and is said to have had many students.[2] He was a pupil of Carneades for seven years (145–138 BC) and later he led his own school in the Ptolemaion, a gymnasium in Athens. He was from Alexandria[3] and seems to have lived there, before he went to Athens around 145 BC[4] He was an excellent rhetorician and famous for his outstanding memory. Like Philo of Larissa he seems to have pursued a more moderate philosophical scepticism.[5] Lucius Licinius Crassus and Marcus Antonius (orator) were his most prominent pupils. Furthermore, Philodemus preserved us the names of other pupils: Diodorus of Adramyttion, Apollodor of Tarsus, Heliodorus of Mallos, Phanostratus of Tralles and a certain Apollonius.[6]


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