Chilean tug Colo Colo (1931)


Name: Colo Colo
Namesake: Colo Colo
Operator: Chilean Navy
Ordered: 1929[1]
Builder: Bow, McLachlan & Co,[2] Paisley, Scotland
Yard number: 494[2]
Launched: 1931[2]
In service: 1931[2]
Identification: ATA 73
Status: preserved
General characteristics
Type: tugboat[2]
Tonnage: 361 tons GRT[2]
Displacement: 760 tons displacement[2]
Length: 126.5 ft (38.6 m)[2]
Beam: 27 ft (8.2 m)[2]
Draught: 14 ft (4.3 m)[2]
Installed power: 1050 IHP diesel (since 1971)[2]
Propulsion: screw[2]
Speed: 12 knots (22 km/h)[2]
Armament: One 3 in (76 mm) cannon; two 20mm machine guns[1]

Colo Colo is a historic tugboat of the Chilean Navy built in Scotland for Chile in 1931.[2] She was a steamship until she was reconditioned in 1971,[1] at which time she was re-engined as a motor vessel.[2] She spent her service career in southern Chile.[1]

During the Chilean naval mutiny of 1931 she chased the Chilean submarine Rucumilla near the Quiriquina Island.[3]

In 1987 she was withdrawn from service and preserved at the Chilean Navy Museum at Punta Arenas.[2]


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