Chlorella rotunda


Chlorella rotunda
Scientific classification edit
(unranked): Viridiplantae
Phylum: Chlorophyta
Class: Trebouxiophyceae
Order: Chlorellales
Family: Chlorellaceae
Genus: Chlorella
C. rotunda
Binomial name
Chlorella rotunda
Bock, Krienitz & Pröschold, 2011

Chlorella rotunda is a euryhaline, unicellular microalga in the Division Chlorophyta. It is spherical to oval-shaped, is solitary and lacks a mucilaginous envelope.[1]


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Further reading

  • Bashan, Yoav, et al. "Chlorella sorokiniana (formerly C. vulgaris) UTEX 2714, a non-thermotolerant microalga useful for biotechnological applications and as a reference strain." Journal of Applied Phycology (2015): 1–9.
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