Chugoku Electric Power Company


The Chugoku Electric Power Company, Incorporated
TypePublic KK (TYO: 9504)
Area served
Chūgoku region of Japan
Revenue¥1,038,443 million (2010, consolidated)
¥81,515 million (2010, consolidated)
¥31,001 million (2010, consolidated)
Total assets¥2,781,990 million (2010, consolidated)
Total equity¥679,685 million (2010, consolidated)
Number of employees
14,146 (2010, consolidated)

The Chugoku Electric Power Company, Incorporated (Japanese: 中国電力株式会社, Chūgoku Denryoku Kabushiki-gaisha) is an electric utility with its exclusive operational area of Chūgoku region of Japan. It is the sixth largest by electricity sales among Japan's ten regional power utilities.[1] It operates the Shimane Nuclear Power Plant.

In 1982, Chugoku Electric Power Company proposed building a nuclear power plant near the island of Iwaishima, but many residents opposed the idea, and the island's fishing cooperative voted overwhelmingly against the plans. In January 1983, almost 400 islanders staged a protest march, which was the first of more than 1,000 protests the islanders carried out. Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011 there has been wider opposition to construction plans for the plant.[2][3]

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