Classical and Quantum Gravity


Classical and Quantum Gravity is a peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of gravitational physics and the theory of spacetime. Its scope includes:

Classical and Quantum Gravity
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DisciplineGravitational physics
Edited byGabriela González
Publication details
History1984-present Classical and Quantum Gravity Before 1984 Classical and Quantum Gravity articles appeared in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General
3.528 (2020)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Class. Quantum Gravity
MathSciNetClassical Quantum Gravity
ISSN0264-9381 (print)
1361-6382 (web)
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The editor-in-chief is Gabriela González at Louisiana State University. The 2018 impact factor is 3.487 according to Journal Citation Reports. As of October 2015, the journal publishes letters in addition to regular articles.[1]

There was a companion website to the main journal, CQG+ which highlighted high quality papers published in the journal to raise the visibility of those papers.[2] It also featured film reviews related to gravity such as Interstellar and The Theory of Everything .[3][4]

Classical and Quantum Gravity also supports the field of gravitational physics through sponsorship of the British Gravity Meeting.[5]

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