Coastal Troops of the Russian Navy


Coastal Troops of the Russian Navy
Береговые войска ВМФ Российской Федерации
Beregovye voiska
Emblem of the Военно-Морской Флот Российской Федерации.svg
Emblem of the Russian Navy
Founded27 March 1930 (1930-03-27)
Country Russia
Branch Russian Navy
TypeCombined arms
RoleCoastal Defence
Amphibious Warfare
Size35,000 personnel[1]
Part ofRussian Armed Forces
Lieutenant general Alexandr Kolpachenko
Troops of the 69th Naval Engineer Regiment of the Baltic Fleet during a training exercise in Kaliningrad, January 12, 2018
Air assault training of the 40th Naval Infantry Brigade with An-12 type aircraft, March 27, 2014

The Coastal Troops (СТs) are a service arm of the Russian Navy, designed to guard Russian fleets' forces, troops, population and seashore objects against exposure to enemy surface ships; to defend naval bases and other important facilities of the Fleets from the land, including against amphibious and air assaults; to be landed and act in the course of amphibious and air assaults; to support the Russian Ground Forces in the course of defence against airborne and amphibious assaults; to destroy surface ships, boats and amphibious transport means within the fire envelope.[2]


The Coastal Troops of the Russian Navy include three Arms:[2]

Each Arm achieves certain objectives on its own and in conjunction with the other Arms of the Coastal Troops and Forces of the Navy, as well as formations and units of the other Services and Arms of the Armed Forces.[2]

Brigades and battalions are the main organizational elements of the Coastal Troops.[2]

The Coastal Troops are mainly equipped with combined-arms armaments and equipment. They are armed with coastal missile systems (CMSs) of anti-ship guided missiles, stationary and mobile artillery mounts, designed to destroy sea and ground targets, special (naval) reconnaissance means, etc.[2]

Unit Deployments

Coastal Missile troops during the 2017 Zapad exercise

Pacific Fleet - Chief of the Coastal Forces - Major General Pushkin, Sergey Vitalyevich

Reindeer and dog sledding of the 80th Motorized Rifle Brigade (Arctic) of the Northern Fleet, January 23, 2017
  • 72nd Coastal Missile Brigade (military unit 15118) (Smolyaninovo). Defense of the main base of the Pacific Fleet is Vladivostok.
  • 216th Electronic Warfare Regiment
  • 40th Naval Infantry Brigade (military unit 10103) (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). The basis of the troops and forces in the Northeast.
  • 155th Naval Infantry Brigade (military unit 30926) (Vladivostok). The brigade is the basis of the fleet landing forces.
  • 520th Coastal Missile-Artillery Brigade (military unit 30973)
  • 140th Communications Center (military unit 40128) (Vladivostok)
  • 471st Electronic Warfare Center (military unit 20918) (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)
  • 474th Electronic Warfare Center (military unit 10604) (Shtykovo)
  • 1532nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). Since April 2015, the regiment is armed with the S-400 air defense system.

Black Sea Fleet - Chief of the Coastal Forces - Major General Andrei Kolotovkin

  • 127th Reconnaissance Brigade (Sevastopol)
  • 810th Naval Infantry Brigade (military unit 13140) (Sevastopol)
    • 880th Naval Infantry Battalion
    • 881st Air-Assault Battalion
    • 888th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 1613th Artillery Battery
    • 1619th Air-Defense Artillery Battery
  • 15th Coastal Missile-Artillery Brigade (Sevastopol)
  • 854th Coastal Missile Regiment (Sevastopol)
  • 529th Communications Center (military unit 40136), (Sevastopol)
  • 475th Electronic Warfare Center (military unit 60135), (Sevastopol)
  • 224th Management Battalion (Sevastopol)
  • 126th Coastal Defense Brigade (Perevalnoe). Since 2019, the brigade is armed with the Tornado-G MLRS.
  • 11th Coastal Missile-Artillery Brigade (military unit 00916)
  • 1096th Anti-Air Missile Regiment
  • 68th Naval Engineer Regiment (military unit 86863), (Evpatoria)
  • 4th Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops Regiment (Sevastopol)
  • 382nd Naval Infantry Battalion (military unit 45765)
  • 133th Logistics and Support Brigade (Bakhchisarai, Republic of Crimea)
  • 8th Coastal Artillery Regiment (Simferopol). Since 2019, the regiment is armed with the Tornado-G MLRS.[3]

Baltic Fleet - Head of the coastal troops - Lieutenant-General Andrei Guschin[4]

  • 336th Naval Infantry Brigade (military unit 06017) (Baltiisk, Kaliningrad Region)
    • 877th Naval Infantry Battalion
    • 879th Air Assault Battalion
    • 884th Naval Infantry Corps Battalion
    • 724th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 1612th Self-Propelled Artillery Battery
    • 1592nd Self-Propelled Artillery Battery
    • 1618th anti-aircraft missile and artillery Battery
  • 7th Motorized Rifle Regiment (military unit 06414) (Kaliningrad)
  • 79th Motorized Rifle Brigade (military unit 90151) (Gusev, Kaliningrad Region)
  • 152nd Missile Brigade (military unit 54229) (Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad Region)
  • 244th Artillery Brigade (military unit 41603) (Kaliningrad).
  • 25th Coastal Missile Regiment (military unit 39108) (Donskoe Village, Kaliningrad Oblast)
  • 22nd Anti-Air Missile Regiment (military unit 54129) (Kaliningrad)
  • 742nd Communications Center (Kaliningrad)
  • 69th Naval Engineer Regiment (military unit 51061)
  • 752nd Guard platoon (Kronstadt)
  • 46th Reconnaissance Battalion (military unit 87832)

Northern Fleet - Chief of the Coastal Forces - from January 2015, Major-General Dmitry Kraev

  • 61st Naval Infantry Brigade (military unit 38643) (Sputnik):
    • Headquarters (military unit 09854), Severomorsk
    • 125th Tank Battalion (armed with T-80)
    • 886th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 874th Naval Infantry Battalion, (military Unit 63969)
    • 876th Air Assault Battalion (military unit 81285)
    • 1611th Self-Propelled Artillery Battery (armed with Nona-SVK)
    • 1591st Self-Propelled Artillery Battery (armed with Gvozdika)
    • 1617th Anti-Air missile Artillery Battery
  • 75th Naval Infirmary (Main Hospital of the Northern Fleet, consisting of a mobile detachment of medical workers for operations in the combat formations of the landing force)
  • 317th Naval Infantry Battalion
  • 318th Naval Infantry Battalion

Caspian Flotilla

Other units

  • HQ Protection Company of the Severomorsk garrison
  • 160th PDSS Detachment (Vidyaevo)
  • 269th PDSS Detachment (Gadzhiyevo)
  • 313rd PDSS Detachment (Sputnik)
  • 211st Guard Battalion (Olenegorsk-2)
  • 536th Coastal Missile and Artillery Brigade (military unit 10544) (Snezhnogorsk). Covers the deployment of submarine forces.
  • 63rd Marine Engineer Regiment, military unit 36085 (Severomorsk)
  • 80th Motorized Rifle Brigade (Arctic) Designed for combat operations in the Arctic region, protecting the interests of Russia on the continental shelf.[7]
  • 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade (Arctic) (military unit 08275) (Pechenga)


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