Coat of arms of Somalia
Coat of arms of Somalia.svg
ArmigerFederal Republic of Somalia
Adopted10 October 1956
CrestBattlements "in the Moorish style" (A crown or)
BlazonBleu celeste a mullet argent (Flag of Somalia); a bordure Or
SupportersTwo leopards rampant proper
CompartmentA ribbon argent wrapped around two crossed lances over two crossed palm fronds, all proper

The coat of arms of Somalia was adopted on October 10, 1956. The leopards which support the shield and the white star were also found on the coat of arms used in Italian Somaliland. Formerly, the arms of Somalia from June 8, 1919 featured a shield divided horizontally by a wavy white line (Smith, 1980). The top half of the shield was blue, with a leopard in natural color surmounted by a white five-pointed star. Leopards are a common motif in Somali culture.

Historical coats of arms

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