Code 3 (TV series)


Code 3
GenrePolice drama
StarringRichard Travis
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes39
Running time30 minutes
Production companiesRabco TV Productions
Hal Roach Studios
DistributorABC Film Syndication
CBS Television Distribution (current)
Original networksyndicated
Original releaseApril 2 (1957-04-02) –
December 24, 1957 (1957-12-24)

Code 3 is an American crime drama that aired in syndication in 1957. The stories were all based on actual files of the Los Angeles sheriff's office.[1]

Stories were presented from the viewpoint of Assistant Sheriff George Barnett. At the end of each episode, Eugene W. Biscailuz, "the actual sheriff of Los Angeles County," summarized the segment.[2]


The title is an "emergency signal alerting officers to proceed to the destination with red light and siren and with all possible haste."[3]


Guest stars


No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
11"The Rookie Sheriff"Peter GodfreyJack Bennett ()
A rookie sheriff's experience as a Czech refugee makes him feel that brute force is essential.
22"The Road Back"Peter GodfreyTBA ()
Confined to an honor camp after attempting to kill a man he believes is interested in his wife, a man keeps brooding. He's convinced that his suspicions are right and he makes a break.
33"The Print With A Face"TBATBA ()
A wealthy widow is found murdered and robbed. Lt. Morse is sent to investigate.
44"The Guilty Ones"Paul LandresJohn Robinson ()
Hoping to avoid further violence, victims of teenage hoodlums refuse to testify against them.
55"The Menace"TBATBA ()
A wealthy man joins the police in a search for his teenage daughter, who is suspected of being a psychopathic killer.
66"The Uninvited"George WaggnerTBA ()
A bank manager and his family are terrorized by a killer who has invaded their home.
77"The Greener Grass"TBATBA ()
A young man is sent to an honor farm where he is given the chance of working in the open, working away from locked cells and prison regulations. An older man tries to give him good advice, but the younger man is bent on escape.
88"The Fugitive"TBATBA ()
The Los Angeles sheriff's office is ordered to track down a fugitive from Arizona. A burglary, kidnapping and attempted murder prompt the police of two states to join forces in a manhunt. The only clue to the man's identity is a book of matches which he stole from a gift shop.
99"The Fishing Trip"TBATBA ()
Nancy McGiven reports that her husband is missing. The police investigators learn that McGiven rented a fishing boat - which is found empty and adrift.
1010"Gold in an Old Tin Can"Wilhelm ThieleTBA ()
Fred Munson is arrested for the embezzlement of $500,000. He refuses to reveal where the unspent money is hidden, even to obtain a more lenient sentence.
1111"The Bite"TBATBA ()
A young ex-convict tries to catch a robber. During the scuffle the robber is killed and he flees from the scene to hide from the police, unaware that he has been bitten by a rabid dog.
1212"Oil Well Incident"John Meredyth LucasTBA ()
Men from the sheriff's office try to free a youth trapped in an abandoned oil derrick. The boy has been injured in the fall and the police work feverishly to save the boy's life.
1313"The Water Skier"Peter GodfreyJerry D. Lewis ()
A young man's hopes of making a success of his water skiing school are shattered when the boat is smashed.
1414"Suspect Number One"George WaggnerLawrence Menkin ()
Sgt. Hollis (Fredd Wayne) and Sgt. Goodrich are assigned to investigate the murder of a man who was stabbed to death.
1515"Junk Detail"TBATBA ()
A sergeant and a deputy are assigned to investigate the illegal sale of government merchandise. They learn that an attractive woman and her brother-in-law are operating the racket.
1616"An Ounce of Prevention"Paul LandresPaul Franklin ()
A successful broker is shocked when he learns that his son is involved in the wrecking of an empty house. Sgt. Coombs and Bob Nelson convince the fathers of the boys that the boys should rebuild the house.
1717"The Trap"TBATBA ()
The vice detail assigns Sgt. Hollis (Fredd Wayne) and Sgt. Delacout to investigate a billiard parlor that fronts as a bookie joint.
1818"The Thief"George WaggnerTBA ()
A kleptomaniac is taking valuable jewelry from a department store.
1919"Revolt On The Freeway"George WaggnerTBA ()
An eccentric old woman resents the new freeway extension being constructed in her neighborhood. She threatens the freeway construction crew and goes so far as to threaten the workmen with a gun.
2020"Case 2206"George WaggnerJames O'Hanlon ()
The Los Angeles sheriff's office begins to suspect one of its deputies of being dishonest. The deputy requests night patrol and during his duty people complain of losing small sums of money. Captain Morse decides to investigate.
2121"The Sniper"George WaggnerJerry D. Lewis ()
A woman suspects that her husband is the sniper who is terrorizing Los Angeles.
2222"Family on Trial"Owen CrumpLawrence Menkin ()
A wealthy couple receive a threatening letter telling them their young son's life is in danger. They are ordered to collect a large sum of money and not inform the police.
2323"The Nelson Case"TBATBA ()
An itinerant youth comes to a seaside church and tells the father that his employer has asked him to kill a woman. He begs the father for help.
2424"The Hired Man"Don SiegelWilliam P. Rousseau ()
A hysterical woman tells Lieutenant Sawyer and Sergeant Porter a fantastic story. A man has been hired to kill her husband.
2525"The Ashes Will Whisper"Paul LandresJack Bennett ()
The sheriff's office attempts to solve a series of baffling fires. Sections of a newspaper comic strip found at the scenes of several fires give the sheriff's office a clue to the mystery.
2626"Charged Bottle"TBATBA ()
A young schoolboy finds a box containing a radioactive explosive. He refuses to give it up when the police ask for its return.
2727"You Can't Kill A Marine"Paul LandresJack Laird ()
Police search for a psychopath who robbed and nearly killed a marine.
2828"The Man With Many Names"Peter GodfreyLee Loeb ()
Lt. Bill Hollis of the Forgery Detail is baffled by a clever forger, who eludes police by using many disguises, until a distinctive mannerism gives him away.
2929"The Misery Chiselers"TBATBA ()
Posing as an official, Paul Wayne promises to expedite the emigration of people from oppressed European countries. For his services he charges a large fee - until one of his victims goes to the police.
3030"Night of Terror"George WaggnerJerry D. Lewis ()
A deranged concert pianist escapes from a mental hospital and returns home to kill his brother-in-law.
3131"The Harbor Incident"TBATBA ()
Zavala is convinced that an old derelict did not commit murder and robbery.
3232"Bail Out"Paul LandresWilliam P. Rousseau ()
An airport control tower receives a message from a plane in trouble and learns that the pilot has bailed out. Captain Dillon is sent to find the crashed plane and locate the survivor.
3333"The Killer"TBATBA ()
Police search for a compulsive killer attracted to aspiring young actresses.
3434"Death In An Alley"Paul LandresJack Laird ()
Sergeants Zavala and Gorman try to help an elderly man who has been struck down in a dark alley. Before he dies the man gasps out a one-word clue to his death: "Arkansas."
3535"Lonesome Whistles"TBATBA ()
A train nearing town is carrying enough explosives to blow the place to kingdom come.
3636"999"TBATBA ()
A teen-age boy, goaded into shooting a rival gang leader, is given a gun and ordered to make the killing soon. But the boy gets into a violent quarrel and the police are called in.
3737"The Search"Paul LandresWilliam P. Rousseau ()
Police search for a lost child in almost impenetrable mountain terrain.
3838"Sunset Strip"TBATBA ()
The sheriff's office tries to help a once famous actor who now desperately needs a job.
3939"The Benson Case"Ted PostM. Lee Perenchio and Violet Atkins ()
Bonnie Benson, an accused murderess, is brought to the Terminal Island Division of the Los Angeles County jail for detention prior to her trial. Bonnie's bitter attitude and hatred of the law officers is intensified when she discovers one of her cellmates is a "plant", put there to acquire incriminating statements


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