Codes for electromagnetic scattering by cylinders


Codes for electromagnetic scattering by cylinders – this article list codes for electromagnetic scattering by a cylinder.

Majority of existing codes for calculation of electromagnetic scattering by a single cylinder are based on Mie theory, which is an analytical solution of Maxwell's equations in terms of infinite series.[1]


The compilation contains information about the electromagnetic scattering by cylindrical particles, relevant links, and applications.[2]

Codes for electromagnetic scattering by a single homogeneous cylinder

Year Name Authors References Language Short description
1983 BHCYL Craig F. Bohren and Donald R. Huffman [1] Fortran Mie solution (infinite series) to scattering, absorption and phase function of electromagnetic waves by a homogeneous cylinder.
1992 SCAOBLIQ2.FOR H. A. Yousif and E. Boutros [3] Fortran Cylinder, oblique incidence.
2002 Mackowski D. Mackowski Fortran Cylinder, oblique incidence.
2008 jMie2D Jeffrey M. McMahon C++ Mie solution. Open-source software.
2015 nwabsorption Sarath Ramadurgam MATLAB Computes various optical properties of a single nanowire with up to 2 shell layers using Mie-formalism.
2017 TMATROM M. Ganesh and Stuart C. Hawkins [4] MATLAB Numerically stable T-matrix code for cylinders (including with noncircular cross sections).
2020 MieSolver Stuart C. Hawkins [5] MATLAB One or more cylinders with mixed properties including solid and layered cylinders.

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