Colorado State University Fight Song


The Colorado State University Fight Song, as it appears below, has been the official fight song for Colorado State University since 1957 when the school changed from Colorado A&M. Features of its uniqueness include the use of the word "stalwart," meaning unrelenting and full of ardor, and the third line of the song. It allows the fight song to be adapted for each game, from "tear the Buffaloes' line asunder" to "tear the Cowboys' line asunder."

The CSU Fight Song is commonly followed immediately by the "Spell Yell," a song in which the band and fans spell the word "rams."


Fight on, you stalwart RAM team,
On to the goal!
Tear the [opponent]'s line asunder,
As down the field we thunder!
Knights of the Green and Gold,
Fight on with all your might!
Fight on you stalwart ram team,

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