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Connecticut Transit New Haven
CTT XD40 1750.jpg
CT Transit New Haven Division New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 1750 heading to garage after a run on (formerly) the M3.
ParentConnecticut Department of Transportation
Headquarters2061 State St.
Hamden, Connecticut 06517
Service areaGreater New Haven
Service typeLocal bus service
Routes24 local
1 flyer
2 commuter shuttle
HubsNew Haven Green
OperatorFirst Transit
Chief executiveScott Willis (Division Manager)
WebsiteOfficial Website

Connecticut Transit New Haven[1] is the second largest division of Connecticut Transit, providing service on 24 routes in 19 towns within the Greater New Haven and Lower Naugatuck River Valley areas, with connections to other CT Transit routes in Waterbury and Meriden, as well as connections to systems in Milford and Bridgeport at the Connecticut Post Mall.

Since 1979, the Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford divisions of CT Transit have been operated by First Transit. Service is operated seven days a week on 24 routes.


Regular routes

All routes below originate from the New Haven Green. Through service is provided between routes with the same letter. In October 2017, CTtransit New Haven transitioned their routes from letters to numbers, and are now identified as routes 201-299.[2]

Route Route name Terminus Neighborhoods/towns served Notes
USS Union Station Union Station USS: Union Station Free Shuttle Downtown New Haven
  • This is a free shuttle connecting Union Station with the New Haven Green and the Temple Street Garage, and a surface lot at the former Coliseum site.
201 Madison 201 (S1): Madison via US 1 New Haven, East Haven, Branford, Guilford, Madison
  • Connects to Route 204 (formerly Route F) at Branford Green.
  • Connects to 9-Town Transit at the Scranton Gazebo in Madison.
  • No service on Sunday.
204 East Haven 204 (F3): Branford Green
204 (F4): Walmart (Branford)
204M (F2): Momauguin
Wooster Square, Annex, East Haven, Branford
  • Connects to Route 201 (formerly Route S) at Branford Green.
  • Night and Sunday service to East Haven Center is provided by Route 206E (formerly Route GF).
  • Provides through-route service to Route 254 (West Chapel St) or Route 255 (Ansonia/Seymour).
206 East Chapel St 206 (G2): Tweed NH Airport-Lighthouse Rd
206E (GF): Tweed NH Airport-East Haven Center
206F (G): Ferry St
Fair Haven, Fair Haven Heights, Annex, East Shore
  • Night and Sunday service to East Haven Center is provided by Route 206E (formerly Route GF).
  • Provides through-route service to Route 237 (Shelton Ave).
212 Grand Ave 212 (D): Ferry St
212B (D3): Bella Vista
212F (D12): Bella Vista-Walmart (New Haven)-Foxon Rd
212F (DL): Bella Vista-Foxon Rd-North Branford
212U (D13): Bella Vista-Walmart-Universal Dr
212U (D14): Universal Dr-North Haven Center
212UX (C4): UNIVERSAL DR via I-91
212W (D4): Bella Vista-Walmart (New Haven)
Fair Haven, Fair Haven Heights
  • Route 212F to North Branford operates weekdays only.
  • Provides through-route service to Route 238 (Dixwell Ave).
213 North Branford 213X (L1): North Branford Center via Maple & Carol
213X (L2): North Branford Center via Foxon Rd
Quinnipiac Meadows, East Haven (Foxon), North Branford
215 North Haven/Meriden 215 (C3): North Haven Center via Grand Ave
215X (C3X): North Haven Center via I-91
215M (C1): Meriden TC via Grand Ave
215MX (C1X): Meriden TC via I-91
215W (C2): Wallingford via Grand Ave
215WX (C2X): Wallingford via I-91

215X: Amazon

Fair Haven Heights, Quinnipiac Meadows, North Haven, Wallingford, Meriden
  • Route 215M connects to the new CTrail Hartford Line, Route 919 Express to Hartford, Meriden Routes 561, 563, 564, 565 & 566, and the M-Link to Middletown at the Meriden Transit Center.
  • Routes 215M & 215W connect to Wallingford Routes 291 & 292 at Wallingford Green.
  • Service to Universal Dr. in North Haven is operated by Route 212U.
223 Lombard St 223 (Q1): Clinton Park
223W (Q3): Walmart (New Haven)
East Rock, Fair Haven
  • Provides through-route service to Route 246 (Edgewood Ave).
224 State St 224 (M5): State & Ridge
224D (M3): Devine St
224N (M4): Northside
East Rock, Hamden, North Haven
  • Route 224D Connects to the 950-Hartford Express at the Devine Prk & Ride.
  • Provides through-route service to Route 268 (Washington Ave).
228 Whitney Ave 228 (J) Davis St
228C (J1): Centerville
228C (J2): Centerville via Hamden Hills & Hamden Plaza
228C (J3): Centerville-Cheshire
228H (J8): Hamden Plaza via Skiff St
East Rock, Prospect Hill, Hamden, Cheshire
  • Route 228C also provides part-time service to Quinnipiac University.
  • Provides through-route service to Route 271 (Kimberly Ave).
229 Waterbury 229 (J4) Waterbury via Whitney Ave
229X (J4X): Waterbury via I-91
East Rock, Prospect Hill, Hamden, Cheshire, Waterbury
  • Connects to the CTtransit Waterbury routes and Route 925 (or 928) express to Hartford at the Exchange Place on West Main St.
  • Provides through-route service to Routes 271 (Kimberly Ave) or 272 (Union Ave).
234 Winchester Ave 234 (O4): Millrock Rd
234P (O5): Davenport Apts
234P (O7): Davenport Apts-Putnam Place
Prospect Hill, Newhallville, Hamden
  • Possibly getting combined with another route in October 2017.
  • Provides through-route service to Route 261 (Boston Post Rd).
237 Shelton Ave 237 (G1): Marlboro St
237P (G3): Marlboro St-Putnam Place
237P (G4): Marlboro St-Pine Rock

237B: Marlboro St-Brookside

Dixwell, Newhallville
  • Route 237P (formerly Route G4) route replaced the old O6 route to Pine Rock Road on January 6, 2013.
  • Provides through-route service to Route 206 (East Chapel St).
238 Dixwell Ave 238 (D5): Hamden Plaza
238C (D6): Hamden Plaza-Hamden Hills-Centerville
238C (D7): Hamden Plaza-Centerville
238C (D8): Hamden Plaza-Hamden Hills-Centerville via Circular Av
238C(D9): Hamden Plaza-Centerville via Circular Av
238P (D10): Putnam Place
Dixwell, Newhallville, Hamden
  • No service to Centerville on Saturday, limited service to Centerville on Sunday.
  • Provides through-route service to Route 212 (Grand Ave).
241 Goffe St 241 (Z1): West Hills
246A (FQZ): EDGEWOOD AVE-Amity Rd/West Hills via West Chapel St (weeknights and all day Sunday)
Dixwell, Beaver Hills, West Rock, Amity
  • Provides through-route service to Route 274 (Sargent Dr).
243 Whalley Ave 243A (B2): Amity Rd-Amity Shopping Ctr
243A (B3): Amity Rd-JCC
243A (B3): Amity Road-JCC-Seymour
243B (B1): SCSU-Brookside
Westville, West Rock, Amity, Woodbridge
  • AM trips to Seymour continue to New Haven via Route 255 (formerly route F).
  • PM trips operate via Route 255 to Seymour, then continue to New Haven via Route 243.
  • Provides through-route service to Route 265 (Congress Ave).
246 Edgewood Ave 246 (Q2): Fountain St
246A (Q4): Amity Rd
246A (FQZ): Amity Rd/West Hills via West Chapel St (weeknights and all day Sunday)
Dwight, Edgewood, Westville, Amity
  • Provides through-route service to Route 223 (Lombard St).
25 West Chapel St 254 (F5): Ella Grasso Blvd
246A (FQZ): EDGEWOOD AVE-Amity Rd/West Hills via West Chapel St
Dwight, West River
  • Provides through-route service to Route 204 (East Haven).
255 Ansonia-Seymour 255 (F6): Ansonia-Seymour via West Chapel St & Derby RR Station Dwight, West River, Derby, Shelton, Ansonia, Seymour
  • Connects with Routes 15 & 23 to Bridgeport at the Derby RR Station (Metro North).
  • Provides through-route service to Route 204 (East Haven).


Boston Post Rd 261 (O2): Westfield CT Post
261X (55X, formerly PMF): CT Post Mall via I-95
The Hill, West River, West Haven, Orange, Milford
  • Connects to the Coastal Link through Greater Bridgeport Transit,Milford Transit District, and Norwalk Transit District, as well as Milford Transit District local route 4.
265 Congress Ave 265 (B): West Haven Center
265B (B4): Bull Hill Ln/Sawmill Rd
265B (BO): Bull Hill Ln/Sawmill Rd via Boston Post Rd
265B (BJO): Bull Hill Ln via Boston Post Rd & Union Station
265R (B5): Oyster River
265R (B6): Oyster River via Railroad Ave
265S (B7): Savin Rock
The Hill, West Haven Center
  • Provides through-route service to Route 243 (Whalley Ave).
268 Washington Ave 268 (M1): New Haven Career Campus
268C (M2): Veterans Hosp-Coleman & Greta
268B (M7): Veterans Hosp-Bull Hill Ln
268C (ZM): Long Wharf-Veterans Hosp-Coleman & Greta via Sargent Dr
The Hill, West Haven
  • Provides through-route service to Route 224 (State St).
271 Kimberly Ave 271 (J): Ella Grasso Blvd

271M (J7): Milford Green
271M (J7): Milford Green-CT Post Mall
271R (J6): Oyster River (Sunday only)
271S (J5): Savin Rock
The Hill, City Point, West Haven, Woodmont, Milford
272 Union Ave 272 (J): Union Station
268B (BJO): CONGRESS AVE-Bull Hill Ln via Boston Post Rd & Union Station
  • Provides through-route service to ROute 228 (Whitney Ave) or Route 229 (Waterbury).
274 Sargent Dr 274 (Z2): Long Wharf
274C (Z3): City Point
268C (ZM): WASHINGTON AVE-Long Wharf-Veterans Hosp-Coleman & Greta
Long Wharf
  • Provides through-route service to Route 241 (Goffe St).
278 New Haven Commuter Connection Downtown Downtown New Haven
  • Service coordinates with Amtrak, Shore Line East, Hartford Line, and MetroNorth Trains.
950 20 (née 42) Hartford Express 950 (20): Hartford Express New Haven, North Haven, Middletown, Wethersfield, Hartford
  • Serves the Devine Park & Ride in North Haven, the Country Club Park & Ride in Middletown, and the Wolcott Hill Park & Ride in Wethersfield.
  • Serves Hartford Union Station.
  • Operated by Arrow Line Acquisition/ Peter Pan Bus Lines.[3]


On any given day in downtown New Haven, Connecticut you can see pedestrians boarding public buses on all sides of the green -the “Central Park” of New Haven- at all times. At first glance it would appear very positive, with CT Transit buses bringing people from all over to downtown, especially with the rate at which these buses come and go. However, this is a contributing factor to New Haven’s buses being late to stops over fifty percent of the time.

State Public Transit Administrator Dennis Solensky suggested this structure of routing, which he calls hub and spoke, funnelling people downtown whether they like it or not.[4] The use of the spoke-hub distribution paradigm results in buses sitting in unnecessary traffic in the heart of the city delaying their scheduled stops. Yet the biggest issue behind the timing is the bus routes themselves.

Bus service guidelines in Connecticut suggest there be no more than four stops per mile on any given route. However CT Transit’s General Transit Feed Specification shows that only two of the twenty-five routes have on average less than four stops per mile with the highest being eleven.[5] Due to the tremendous amount of late buses, bus ridership in New Haven has fallen drastically hurting an already struggling transportation budget. Economic returns from bus routes have ranged from sixty-four percent to two percent of the cost to maintain and this can only mean a further decline and reliability of buses.

Citizens are furious and demand change but with greater transit problems in the state of Connecticut chances of that are slim. As of now there are no plans to amend this issue even after the addition of GPS monitoring on all buses revealed how bad the situation truly is. With fifty five percent of stops being reached exceeding five minutes past the scheduled time it would seem only right for a new infrastructure in New Haven’s city buses.

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