Contern (Luxembourgish: Conter [ˈkontɐ], English:Conton) is a commune and town in southern Luxembourg. It is located east of Luxembourg City.[1][2]

St. Walpurga's church
St. Walpurga's church
Coat of arms of Contern
Map of Luxembourg with Contern highlighted in orange, and the canton in dark red
Map of Luxembourg with Contern highlighted in orange, and the canton in dark red
Coordinates: 49°35′05″N 6°13′35″E / 49.5847°N 6.2264°E / 49.5847; 6.2264Coordinates: 49°35′05″N 6°13′35″E / 49.5847°N 6.2264°E / 49.5847; 6.2264
Country Luxembourg
First Settlement builtapprox. 2nd Century
 • Total20.55 km2 (7.93 sq mi)
 • Land20.55 km2 (7.93 sq mi)
 • Rank54th of 102
Highest elevation
356 m (1,168 ft)
 • Rank81st of 102
Lowest elevation
237 m (778 ft)
 • Rank45th of 102
 • Total3,816
 • Rank44th of 102
 • Density190/km2 (480/sq mi)
  • Rank43rd of 102
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
LAU 2LU0000302

As of 2022, the town of Contern, which lies in the south-west of the commune, has a population of 1,743.[3]

The main towns are Contern, Moutfort, Oetrange and Medingen. Surrounding Contern are the small settlements of Faerschthaff, Bricherhaff, Brichermillen and Kreintgeshaff. Surrounding Moutfort is Muhlbach, Marxeknupp, Eitermillen and Kackerterhaff. Oetrange is surrounded only by Pleitrange and Medingen is on a hill in the south east of the commune alone.[1][2]

The commune also contains the industrial zones of Chaux de Contern, and Rosswenkel, as well as the activity zone of Weiergewan. The town hall was formerly situated among these industrial zones prior to the redesign of the area.[4] Intersections became roundabouts, roads were repaved, and the railway station, Sandweiler-Contern was completely rebuilt in a new location in December 2015 for easier access from the main road in the Industrial Zone.[5] The new town hall was built next to the church on the hill around the centre of the town.[6]


The name Contern first appeared in a charter in 879/880/903/904 AD, although its first official listing was in 1128 and it is almost certain Contern dated back to the Celtic Era. In the 14th century it was recorded in writing as Guntrein.[7] Contern in the 13th century got a lot of influence from Christianity and Chivalry. At this time Contern became a parish and has its church constructed. From 1945 onwards, Contern's municipal structure consisted of Contern, Oetrange, Moutfort and Medingen.[8] The Commune of Contern has existed since the 19th century.


Although no prominent archaeological sites or artifacts date back to the Celtic times, plenty has been left over since the Romans including some housing and remnants of an aqueduct.[8] The most prominent thing from the Romans however is the Gallo-Roman villa, it stood on the current site of the town and there are still remains of it to this day.[9]


Following World War II, the Luxembourgers had strong distaste for their former German overseers. This was why almost every place in the country was renamed from its original Luxembourgish name of German origin, to that of French origin without changing too much. Contern's name would have stayed Conter if it weren't for the French pronunciation of "er" being far too strong, thus an "n" was added on the end. It could have been possible to have followed what places like Hesperange did, but in the end it stuck to the name Contern. In the modern era, to encourage more Luxembougish in the commune, many documents and signs use "Conter" instead of Contern.


Conter has long been a target of many pilgrimages. In Contern, the sacred Walburga was offered to heal "evil eyes" or to do something against the "evil gaze". The Luxembourgish dialect poet Jakob Diedenhoven describes the course of these pilgrimages in an ironic way in 1830 in his prayer for Conter :

Zoo aalen Zeiten
Vun alle Seiten,
Zur Walburga,
Der heel'ger Fra
Gongen d'from Kreschten
Den Aelter reschten
Mat enger Kierz,
Engem selv'ren Hierz
Hier Aa'n ze g'nieren
Ville' mam Schmieren
Hoid se d'Gnood gin
'Rem ze gesin.

An der drëtter Strof schénge se schonn all geheelt ze sinn:

Hei an der Scheier,
D'Marre mam Freier,
D'Ketche ma'm Franz
Sti'schon am Danz


He'r we se sangen,
Kuck we se sprangen,
Daat weist de Kne,
Daat eppes me.Settlements


Populated Place Type of Settlement Population (year) Coordinates
Contern Town 1743 (2022) 49.5858294, 6.2262883
Moutfort Village 1306 (2015) 49.5860644, 6.2597756
Oetrange Village 858 (2022) 49.6000724, 6.2600198
Medingen Village 125 (2022) 49.5750028, 6.2486902
Millbech Village 100 (2005) 49.5879224, 6.2459477
Kréintgeshaff Hamlet 49.6027909, 6.2308359
Pleitrange Hamlet 49.5915286, 6.2791061
Brichermillen Hamlet 49.5707742, 6.2316636
Bricherhaff Hamlet 49.5728187, 6.2323219
Éitermillen Hamlet 49.5983242, 6.2493901
Kackerterhaff Hamlet 49.5981357, 6.2429983
Moulin de Millbech Hamlet 49.5874250, 6.2396931
Maulin Diderich Locality 49.6005928, 6.2492104
Beriton Locality 0 (2022) 49.5825874, 6.2104433
Shalten Locality 0 (2022) 49.5838722, 6.2125250
Schleedervale Locality 0 (2022) 49.5862576, 6.2417496
Marxeknupp Hamlet 49.5794331, 6.2566093
Faerschthaff Hamlet 49.5758820, 6.2110116
Ledenbierg Locality 49.5898180, 6.2431070
Millebridge Locality 0 (2022) 49.5883010, 6.2395464
Schleederfalls Locality 49.5848150, 6.2472488
Stuwelshill Locality 49.6014313, 6.2515386
Fehreston Locality 49.6082518, 6.2417491
Eltercavern Locality 49.6043397, 6.2507580
Wilkon Hill Locality 49.5942615, 6.2388119
Millangswell Locality 49.6020113, 6.2261152
Hoehenhof Suburb 49.5824080, 6.2262830
Chaux de Contern Industrial Zone 49.6000592, 6.2185574
Rosswénkel Industrial Zone 49.5926085, 6.2132535
Weiergewann Industrial Zone 49.5968472, 6.2168612
Rouvale Locality 0 (2022) 49.5834843, 6.2003684
Canten Locality 49.5854588, 6.2184924
Linten Locality 49.5838851, 6.2158443
Kueledall Locality 49.6083571, 6.2417810
Stehaff Locality 0 (2022) 49.5747633, 6.2157927
Reulendergaassen Locality 0 (2022) 49.5831719, 6.2030048


Map of Contern from outside the ltown Hall




  • Moulin de Milbech
  • Maulin Diderich
  • Beriton
  • Shalten
  • Schleedervale
  • Ledenbierg
  • Millebridge
  • Schleederfalls
  • Stuwelshill
  • Fehreston
  • Eltercavern
  • Wilkon Hill
  • Millangswell
  • Rouvale
  • Canten
  • Linten
  • Kueledall
  • Stehaff
  • Reulendergassen


  • Hoehenhof

Industrial ZonesEdit

  • Chaux de Contern
  • Rosswénkel
  • Weiergewann




Contern itself is home to 1743 people, and the Town Hall of the Commune. Moutfort used to be the larger but recent developments have increased the population. Contern is the home of most festivals and events of the commune and is the oldest settlement in the commune besides possible Oetrange. Contern is situated on a hill.


Main Article: Moutfort

Moutfort is the second largest town in the commune, it is home to many of the more specialised amenities in Contern due to it having the best road access in Contern. This is because Moutfort is situated on a trunk road. Moutfort therefore has the best road links to the city centre, best bus links as well and also due to this proximity has many restaurants, and leisure centres compared to the area around it. As of 2015 Moutfort had a population of 1306.

Moutfort is home to a chapel and is also atop the Syre.



Main Article: Oetrange

Oetrange is a smaller town to the north of the commune, it is potentially the oldest settlement in Contern. It's home to a railway station, and a church. Oetrange is also located on the Syre river but also has the Kackeschbaach stem from it. Oetrange is home to 858 residents and is elevated 261 metres above sea level. Many old historical documents reference Oetrange


Main Article: Medingen


Medingen is up on a hill on the other side of the Syredal. Medingen is home to 125 people and doesn't have much history. Medingen is home to a variety of forests and hiking trails.[10][11]


Main Article: Millbech

Millbech is located just east of Moutfort, as of 2005, the village has a population of 100. It is separated from Moutfort by a freight railway and connected by a road bridge.[12]


Main Article: Faerschthaff


Faerschthaff is a small Farmstead and Hamlet located atop the Trudlerbaach River and is within said river's valley. It is on a small path which links it with Contern.[13][14]


Main Article: Eitermillen

Eitermillen is a hamlet located on the site of a former mill on Route de Remich North-West of Moutfort.[15]


Main Article: Bricherhaff


Bricherhaff is a hamlet and farmstead located on a slip road atop the river Syre.


Main Article: Brichermillen

Brichermillen is a hamlet and former mill located on a slip road atop the river Syre.


Main Article: Kackerterhaff

Kackerterhaff is a small Hamlet and farm, near the E29 main road and Moutfort.[16][17]  It is only located on a small trail and no vehicles besides ones using the farm and used by residents are permitted to use it. The area consists of just a few buildings most of which are farm houses.[18][19]



Main Article: Kréintgeshaff

Kréintgeshaff is a small settlement near Sandweiler directly North-East of the Contern-Sandweiler Industrial zone and located adjacent to the E29 Main Road. The settlement is surrounded by small tracks and streams.[20][21][22]



Main Article: Pleitrange

Pleitrange is a rural hamlet and farm East of Oetrange[23][24], it is often also called Pleitangerhaff, or Pleitranger Hof.[25] Pleitrange is elevated approximately 295 metres above sea level and is located on a hill, some water flows down from Pleitrange to the Syre, but most water flows to the Houlbech and the Bauschbaach.[26] There are 2 areas of buildings that make up Pleitrange.[23]



View From just outside Bricherhaff of the Syrdal (Syre Valley)
Contern as seen from a hill next to Shaltgen Forest


The town is situated on a hill surrounded by towns in the Syre Valley (Syrdall) that provides scenic views from the outskirts of the town. Milbech (Muhlbach), Moutfort, Bricherhaff, Brichermillen, Syren, Itzig and Faerschthaff are located around the town. The town stands next to the Trudlerbaach, a tributary of the Syre that is sourced in the northwestern corner of the town. Faershcthaff stands directly on the Trudlerbaach.[1]


Contern's farmland and housing is often separated by various woods and forest. In the trails around the northwest of the commune near the industrial zone and Contern Proper, there are various forests such as the Gaardebesch, Shaltgen, Reuland, Rat and Péttengerbesch. Further south there is also a variety of smaller woods, most of which have small trails and walkways going through them.[27]


The Trudlerbaach, one such river in Contern, running near Faerschthaff

The mains river running through Contern is the Syre, which cuts through Oetrange, Moutfort, Bricherhaff and Brichermillen directly before leaving the commune. The Syre forged the hills which Contern and Medingen sit atop. There are also a few small brooks such as the Trudlerbaach, the river which comes closest to Contern proper and forges the sources of the Syre itself in the Shaltgen. There is also the Schleederbaach, which runs from a reservoir in the industrial zone to the Millbech Millen before rejoining the Syre just west of Moutfort. In addition the Kackeschbaach, which is named after Kackerterhaff, runs from Sandweiler to Oetrange. The E29 main road follows its route as it goes east of Kackerterhaff.[28][29]


As of 1 January 2020, 3,939 live in Contern, which is a density of 188 people per square kilometre. This is set to increase in the future. Around 70% of the population are aged 15–65 and an estimated third of the commune's population consists of non-Luxembourgers. 60% of the population knows how to speak Luxembourgish and French German and even English are common amongst most of the locals.[30] The Town of Contern has a population of 1743, a sharp increase from 2005 when it has 1083. In 2001 Contern had a population of just 1065.




The An de Steng residential development


Contern is one of the fastest growing communes in Luxembourg. Its location, just south east of Luxembourg City, good transport links, and plans for good road links makes Contern a common place for new housing developments all across the commune.


Most of the commune's development in the 21st century is happening in the town of Contern itself. The district of An de Steng sees the construction of over 120 apartments and over 30 houses in the northwest of Contern at the beginning of the 2020s. At the same period the linked An de Päschen is constructed. To construct these, a new road was constructed between An de Steng and An de Paschen but the road maintains the name An de Pashen equivalent to the road adjacent to it. The development of Beim Schmilberbour in Contern started in the early 2000s and houses were built on 2 roads. More housing was built in 2021 at the corner between rue des Près and Beim Schmilberbour in the form of apartments. There are plans to build single family homes across Beim Schmilberbour opposite the existing homes. There have been complaints from the locals that such a development will demolish the large row of trees that currently go across the road.[33][34][35]

The Industrial Development


In Moutfort there is a small array of land near the southern edge of the town, around Um Witeschbierg, where recently new single family homes have been built. More are planned to be built just south of the existing ones.[33]

Industrial ZoneEdit

In the industrial zone of Rosswénkel, a large amount of low density office space is under construction. This is located around rue Gabriel Wells.[33]

Industrial ZonesEdit

Industrial Zone Chaux de Contern as seen from the nearby fields

Contern consists of 2 separate industrial zones separated from each other. Although they are officially separate, they're often seen locally as one entity, even on road signs. The area where Sandweiler-Contern railway station is located is home to a lot of commercial infrastructure such as the only full-fledged supermarket in the commune, a trampoline park and the commune's only gas station. A few restaurants and eateries are also located there to serve the local workers. The area is home to more than 110 companies and over 5000 jobs and is quickly growing and receiving new developments.[4][8]


The E29 running through the commune just North of Eitermillen


Contern is quite well connected to the road network and links to Luxembourg City however the only dual carriageway in the commune is the E29. There are plans in the next 5–10 years to build a new motorway exit on the Luxembourg Ring to serve Contern and Itzig but that hasn't been built yet.

Contern is involved with websites that provide traffic info.[36][37]

Residential ParkingEdit

On the first of January 2022 residential parking came into act. It implemented a project citizens wanted since participation in workshops on the commune's village centres and since incidents to do with the road network since 2019. The plan drawn up by the College of Alderman was to reduce long term parking specifically between 8am and 6pm. Many parking lots now have a limit of how long one can stay of 3 hours. This is said to improve the safety and quality of life of the citizens of Contern.[38]


Contern is served by many different bus routes as is many of the other towns within the commune.[39][40]

Route 142Edit

Route 142 comes from Luxexpo. It runs most often twice per hour, through Oetrange, Moutfort and Contern before eventually terminating at Sandweiler-Contern Station. It runs to get to the station through the industrial zone, but instead of following entirely the main road, it branches off to serve different areas of the industrial zone to allow workers easier access to their workplace.[41] This is partially done because the road runs closer to the western end of the industrial zone, while the eastern end is more densely packed and that much of the western end is obscured by the large Kuehne & Nagel warehouses and nothing else.[42]

Route 144Edit

Route 144 runs from Luxexpo in a loop going through the industrial zone, Contern, Moutfort, Oetrange, and then out of the commue to follow a similar path to the 142 back to Luxexpo. It also runs the other direction. The typical service pattern is once per hour, but twice during peak times. Within the commune of Contern the 144 always takes the most direct path between settlements.[43]

Route 150Edit

Route 150 runs from Howald to Ahn, only passing through Oetrange within the commune. It can be used to travel towards the German border or into the city or Sandweiler. It has no interchange stops with any lines which run through Moutfort or Contern within the commune.[44]

Route 158Edit

Route 158 runs from Kirchberg, as a matter of fact beyond Luxexpo, to Mertzig all the way in Germany. It only has 1 stop within Contern and that's Moutfort, Kapell, which is an interchange with some of the main routes which serve the commune such as the 142 and 144. It only runs here as it follows the E29 main road which passes through there, it is one of the fastest routes from Moutfort and many other places in the commune to Kirchberg.[45]

Routes 159, 184 and 160Edit

The Routes 159 and 184 run from Luxexpo to Loshiem in Germany and Remich on the border with Germany Respectively, it runs through the commune identically to the 158.[46][47] Route 160 also runs through the commune on the exact same route, however unlike the 158, 159 and 184, stops in 2 additional stops in Moutfort and begins in Howald. The other 3 lines run through these 2 stops but don't call there.[48]

Route 163Edit

Route 163 is the only public bus route to serve Medingen, it typically runs 1-2 times per hour depending on the time of day. Much like the 160 it runs through Howald and parts of the city centre however bypasses Sandweiler to directly serve the commune. It runs straight through the industrial zone and Contern much like the 144 and then junctions off at Moutfort to serve Medingen. It is the only fast direct link between Contern itself and the city centre because all the other routes run to Kirchberg. It used to run less frequently only seeing 2 trips per hour for a few hours per day and not at all on weekends.[49]

Route 223Edit

Route 223 is unique as in it only serves the industrial zone, it stops in the exact same stops as the 163 and 144. It goes to Leudelange and Kirchberg. It provides the only direct link between anywhere in the commune and Itzig, a previously notoriously hard journey. It runs 1-2 times per hour depending on the time of day.[50]

Route 720Edit

Route 720 runs only a few times per day, it directly links the centre of Contern with the industrial zone and then the railway station. Service is almost all concentrated but not limited to peak hours. Often the route is operated by minibuses and it mostly follows the route of the144/163 but in 1 direction has a small detour. It is the only bus to serve the stop titles, Contern, Kuehne & Nagel. The 720 runs 2 different sections at different times as technically is 2 different routes.[51]

Route 165Edit

Route 165 is a former route which ran between Howard and Medingen. It stopped running in December 2020 when the 144 began serving Contern. Back then the 163 terminated in Gare Rocade, the 165 unlike the 163 served Kirchberg not Hamm and therefore took longer to reach Contern from the city. The 144 directly replaced it and at the time it ran more frequently than the 163 begin more often running twice per hour.

School BusesEdit

There are many school bus routes which link different towns in the commune with different schools. Sometimes 1 route serves multiple school sometimes on separate services that however maintain the same number, exaples of this are the 164 that served both Geeseknappchen and Bonnevoie, Lycee Technique and one separate bus with the same number which serves the Limpertesberg Campus. Other examples of school bus routes are the 146, 425 and 471.[52]


Contern has 2 railway stations in it, Sandweiler-Contern and Oetrange stations. Line 30 also runs through Moutfort however there's no station. Oetrange is served twice per hour by the local train which either runs to Wasserbillig or Wittlich. Sandweiler-Contern also gets served by the Regional Express which runs to Trier/Koblez. The Regional Express train bypasses Oetrange station and runs direct to Wasserbillig and in the other direction to Luxembourg in 1 stop. During frequent maintenance work on the main line between Sandweiler-Contern and the City Centre, trains run on a parallel corridor from Oetrange that goes through Syrien. This is a freight corridor used by freight trains to bypass the city and has no other regular passenger service.


The school in Oetrange


The commune owns and runs a school in the corner of the town. The commune monitors to ensure that Mandatory Education is enforced, the education budget is controlled, and that the school buses linking the rest of the commune with the school are operational and working well. Many local residents, especially people in secondary school, tend to have their education outside the school.[53][54] There's also a school in Oetrange.


The Communal Revenue department manages Contern's taxation, dept and accounting.

Emergency ServicesEdit

Contern is not home to any Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Police Stations or Fire Stations and must rely on neighbouring communes for such services.[55]

Waste CollectionEdit

Zone industrial « Op Dem keller » where the dump is located

Waste Collection is managed and run by the commune of Contern. There is a simple system of when garbage trucks come, what they pick up each day, and how much it all costs. The dump is located in the Op Dem Keller industrial zone in Munsbach and is shared with the commune of Shuttrange.[56]

Urban PlanningEdit

Contern's urban planning is run by its urban planning department. They control and manage building permits and requests. There's a 2 tier system for any form of construction or Landscaping. There's the minor intervention for small construction projects such as minor landscaping, street and sidewalk construction and the building of wells and outdoor facilities. Then there's the major interventions for construction or extension of new housing or office space, or modifications to the structure or load-bearings of existing infrastructure.[57]


The commune also offers services for reception, revenue, technical and communications.[58]


Contern is a commune which has a local government and therefore a mayor and council.[59] The Mayor is currently Marion Zovilé-Braquet.[60]

The MayorEdit

The Mayor is elected and is put in charge of municipal staff, administration, infrastructure, security, emergency services, communications, relations with other communes, schools and sport. In addition they're also in charge of the "le college Echevinal" and of the Municipal Council.[60]

Le college EchevinalEdit

The college Echevinal consists of the Mayor and their 2 advisors who are all put in charge of different things. The 1st alderman is put in charge of Mobility, Weather, Fairtrade and many more smaller things, while the 2nd alderman is put in charge of, the environment, finances, agriculture and much more.[61][62]

The Municipal CouncilEdit

The Municipal Council consists of 11 elected members including the 2 aldermen, the mayor and 8 councillers, they are the legislators of the municipality. Meetings happen roughly every 3 months, take place in the town hall and are public unless otherwise stated.[63]

Coat of ArmsEdit

The Coat of Arms


The Contern Coat of arms is "Argent a fess wavy Gules charged with three triangles also wavy Or, said fess accompanied in chief by a cross anchored Gules, at the base of a shell Sable."[64]

The commune of Contern received its coat of arms on 26 July 1982. These are coats of arms in the shape of a shield divided into three parts, one for each village of the municipality.

  • The upper part shows a cross derived from the coat of arms of the lords of Larochette who owned Contern from 1534 to 1731.
  • The bars come from the coat of arms of the Grandpré family, lords of Roussy, who were the owners of the villages of Moutfort, Medingen and Pleitrange. The bars undulate to represent the River Syre which runs through the town.
  • The lower part shows a shell derived from the coat of arms of the Metternich family to which Oetrange belonged.[64]


The Contern Coat of arms is used all over the commune, on the flag, outside official buildings, even on the wheelie bins. Its distinctive looks and colour make it easy to spot.


Contern is home to a large number of small businesses which local residents can do their shopping at. This is not only restricted to settlements as the industrial zone is home to the only Big Box Store in the commune. The other stores consist of but are not limited to grocery stores, drink shops and bakeries. Contern also has a variety of hair salons and pharmacies. Most of these are concentrated around Moutfort due to the E29 main road slicing the village in twain. The commune is full of mixed use development hence why shops although occasionally found in dedicated shopping districts, are still just as often in residential areas.[65]

Culture, Sport and LeisureEdit


Contern with its rich history is also rich in culture, with many events, festivals and locations being a part of the local culture.[66]

Cultural CentresEdit

There are many cultural centres in Contern all of which have their own events. They are Chapel Street in Medingen, Moutfort Cultural and Sports Centre, Oetrange Cultural Centre, and "An Henks" Cultural Centre in Contern.[67]

A monument in Contern


There are a total 7 different monuments in Contern, dotted across the various towns and serving different purposes. There are 3 different war memorials, one it Contern itself, one it Oetrange and one in Moutfort. In Moutfort there is another monument to the liberators in Luxembourg, and in Oetrange there is a white bridge named Liberation Bridge. There are 2 smaller monuments, one in the industrial zone, and one more in Moutfort.[68]

Comic Strip FestivalEdit

The Comic Strip Festival is a festival that was started by a man named Daniel Grun and has been going since 1994. It was the first of its kind in the country although that no longer stays true to this day.[69] It is known as BD Contern and in 2022 shall take place on 16–17 July.[70]


Appelfest is an annual Autumn festival that happens in Contern, near the Gemeng. It is very well known amongst the locals and every year before happening has banners placed on the lampposts on the streets entering the town and has road signs pointing to it to inform everyone when it is happening.

End of Winter Bonfire 2022
Close up of the Bonfire

End of Winter BonfireEdit

Every year in March at a relatively random date, in the south-west of Contern near Hoehenhof on a small trail, a large bonfire is made and the local residents are invited to a gathering. This is a historic tradition to "burn away the winter" and say hello to spring. It has been going before mass adoption of the Christian Calendar hence does not take place the same day every year. In 2022 it took place on the 5th of March.

Hobbies and EventsEdit

There are many cultural events which happen in Contern.[71] For younger people there are a number of small play areas dotted around the commune.[72][73] There is also the Yearly Christmas March, which will take place on 4–5 December in 2022.

Local FestivalsEdit

There are many local festivals and events that happen in Contern, including Integration Week, Day of Sporting and Cultural Merit, Environment Week, Commemoration Day and many more.[74]

Sport and ExerciseEdit

Contern offers a large number of facilities to encourage sport and exercise within the commune.[75]


Autopedestrians is a series of hiking/biking paths which are mapped out by the commune to increase use and decrease risk. There are 7 in total, all of which are clearly marked and labelled, with maps available online.[76] Some of them leave the commune at times, while most only go between towns in Contern.[77][78]

Cycle PathsEdit

Contern has many cycle paths that are part of Regional or National collaboration. There are also many unmarked gravel or paved paths which are mostly dedicated to cyclists all across the commune. This includes many paths linking hamlets such as Faerschthaff so that their tractors can access the farm more easily. Motor vehicles excluding tractors are banned from all these paths, but they are open to cyclists.[79]

Football and BasketballEdit

There are a number of basketball courts and football fields within and just outside the commune. There is also a children's Football Club with a full size playing field located at Moutfort. It is the "Union Sportif Moutfort-Medingen" or USMM for short, set up in 1937. It attracts people not just from Contern but also the neighbouring communes.[80]


There are Gym lessons available for people of all ages, in a variety of different methods of exercise. Each course has room for 20 people, costs 100 euros and takes place in the Cultural Centre in Oetrange.[81]


Contern is also home to many public courts for Multisports and Petanque.[82][83] The nearest swimming pool is regional, outside of the commune entirely in Nideranven.[84]

Partners and AssociationsEdit

There are many local groups, for Hobbies, Sports, and Culture, some of which actually take place outside the commune itself.[85] Contern also has partners to assist them with all events.[86]

Social ComponentEdit

Contern has many goals ambitions and guidelines to hold the commune together and make it a better place and make the areas around it follow suit. Contern has many policies within their social component to help achieve this.[87] Contern is in partnership with the communes in Schuttrange and Weiler-La-Tour with whom they share a social office in Moutfort.[88]

Fair TradeEdit

Contern's local government, has as one of its long-term goals being enforcing fair trade, and it could be assisted by anyone. The commune has plans which with teamwork could affect the entire planet, helping workers in poverty all across the world. Although this goal isn't unique Contern still wishes to ensure that the Fairtrade label assures consumers that every labelled product meets the international standards of fair trade.[89]

Language IntegrationEdit

Contern endeavours to get the entire population to speak a large variety of languages. Many Local Children speak Luxembourgish, French, German and even English. The commune wishes to spread the speaking of all these languages to everyone in their boundaries, assisted heavily by their Luxembourgish Courses.[90]

Luxembourgish has been on the rise recently, with many documents being posted in Luxembourgish, sometimes exclusively, the commune of Contern is encouraging learning of the national language through courses set up exclusively by them. Courses occur yearly and are encouraged due to the large immigrant population of the commune.[91]


The commune of Contern operates many of the services of its designated area.[92] The commune runs multiple buildings such as the Town Hall, Municipal Workshop, Social office, etc.[6] It also issues many public documents available online and job applications to work for the commune directly are possible, even for people as young as 16.[93][94] All new regulations made the by the commune are also available in PDF form online.[95] The human resources department service is responsible for managing Municipal jobs, this includes jobs for students aged 16 and over during the summer.[96] The commune also offers the "cost of living allowance." It comes from the FNS and can be applied for so long as the decision is enclosed with the SNSF agreement. Like many other things it has a PDF to accompany with, which is supposed to be filled in.[97] There's also a separate National Fund for Low income citizens, the total sum is determined mostly by their household.[98]


Contern has worked with the European Commission to bring publicly available WI-FI to certain areas of the commune. These include both the site of the former school and parts of the current one, Prince Charles Park in Oetrange, the park in Moutfort and the Cultural Centre in Medingen. These by no coincidence, are all located within the 4 main settlements in Contern. There are potentially more areas which meet the criteria set by the European Commission to warrant a new hotspot but none are planned for the moment. WIFI4EU is by no means unique to Contern.[99]


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