Cosmonauts Alley


Coordinates: 55°49′14″N 37°38′22″E / 55.82062°N 37.63933°E / 55.82062; 37.63933

Cosmonauts Alley (2018)

Cosmonauts Alley (Russian: аллея Космонавтов) is a wide avenue in northern Moscow leading to the Russian Museum of Cosmonautics and the Monument to the Conquerors of Space. The pedestrian-only avenue connects the museum and monument to the VDNKh subway station.[1]

The park-like avenue is punctuated by large stone memorials of important figures in the Soviet space program. At its terminus below the monument, a larger-than-life statue of Soviet rocket pioneer Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857–1935) sits facing back down the path. In 2008, Cosmonauts Alley was under reconstruction, adding a model of the Solar System, monument to Sergey Korolev, and star-shaped granite monuments displaying important events in Russian cosmonautics.




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