Crna Reka Monastery
Манастир Црна Река
Manastir Crna Reka
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Crna Reka Monastery
Monastery information
OrderSerbian Orthodox
Established13th century
Dedicated toArchangel Michael
Controlled churchesChurch of Archangel Michael
Founder(s)Milica of Serbia
LocationRibariće, Serbia
Coordinates42°56′49″N 20°28′06″E / 42.94694°N 20.46833°E / 42.94694; 20.46833Coordinates: 42°56′49″N 20°28′06″E / 42.94694°N 20.46833°E / 42.94694; 20.46833
Public accessYes

The Crna Reka Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Црна Река, romanizedManastir Crna Reka; "Black River Monastery") is a 13th-century[1] Serbian Orthodox monastery located in Ribariće, Tutin, southwestern Serbia. The monastery is situated at the gorges of Ibar Kolašin, on the Crna River [sr] ("Black River"), and includes the cave-church dedicated to Archangel Michael with 16th-century frescoes and relics of Saint Peter of Koriša. In the 16th century, Ottoman attacks forced the monks of Sopoćani to flee to the secluded Crna Reka Monastery.

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