Culture of Twitter


The culture of social-media platform Twitter includes:

  • the use of hashtags to create and perpetuate Twitter/social-media trends
  • amplifying messages by retweeting or by responding to them
  • bringing attention to certain people/accounts by atting ("@-ing") them using the at sign ("@")
  • creating threads to share longer messages, as single tweets have a character limit
  • shortening URLs to accommodate character-count limits and to track reach and referrals
  • the introduction of jargon, such as:
    • Milkshake Duck, an initially (seemingly) endearing person who turns out to be flawed;
    • problematic fave, a celebrity or other influential person whose popularity is impervious to offensive or statements
    • Meltdown May, a series of erratic social-media posts in the month of May.[1]
  • sub-communities such as:
  • "getting ratio-ed," wherein a tweet gains more (unsolicited) comments than it does likes and/or retweets, typically indicating the unpopular/controversial nature of that tweet.[2]

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