Curtiss OXX


The Curtiss OXX was an early, dual ignition water-cooled V-8 aero engine derived from the Curtiss OX.[1]

Curtiss OXX NASM.jpg
OXX-6 at the National Air and Space Museum
Type V-8 water-cooled piston engine
National origin United States of America
Manufacturer Curtiss
Developed from Curtiss OX


Curtiss OXX-2
Curtiss OXX-3
Curtiss OXX-5
Curtiss OXX-6


Engines on displayEdit

The Cradle of Aviation Museum, Garden City, NY has an OXX-2 on exhibit.

Specifications (OXX-6)Edit

General characteristics

  • Type: 8-cylinder water-cooled Vee aircraft piston engine
  • Bore: 4.25 in (114 mm)
  • Stroke: 5 in (127 mm)
  • Displacement: 567 in³ (9.3 L)
  • Dry weight: 401 lb (182 kg)


  • Cooling system: Water-cooled


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