Cyber and Information Domain Service (Germany)


Cyber and Information Domain Service
Cyber- und Informationsraum
Active5 April 2017 – present
Country Federal Republic of Germany
TypeElectronic Warfare
Size14,226 (March 2021)[1]
Commander and Chief of the Cyber and Information Domain ServiceVice admiral Thomas Daum

The Cyber and Information Domain Service (German: Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum; KdoCIR) is the youngest branch of Germany's military, the Bundeswehr. The decision to form a new military branch was presented by Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen on 26 April 2016, becoming operational on 5 April 2017. The headquarter of the Cyber and Information Domain Service is Bonn.[3]


In November 2015 the German Ministry of Defense activated a Staff Group within the ministry tasked with developing plans for a reorganization of the Cyber, IT, military intelligence, geo-information, and operative communication units of the Bundeswehr.

On 26 April 2016 Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen presented the plans for the new military branch to the public and on 5 October 2016 the command's staff became operational as a department within the ministry of defense. On 5 April 2017 the Cyber and Information Domain Service was activated as the 6th branch of the Bundeswehr. The Cyber and Information Domain Service Headquarters will take command of all existing Cyber, IT, military intelligence, geoinformation, and operative communication units. The Command is planned to be fully operational by 2021.[4]


The CIDS is commanded by the Chief of the Cyber and Information Domain Service (Inspekteur des Cyber- und Informationsraum) (InspCIR), a three-star general position, based in Bonn.[5]

  • Chief CIDS and Commander CIDS HQ
    • Deputy Commander CIDS HQ and Chief of Staff
      • Command Staff
      • Operations Staff
      • Planning Staff
    • KdoStratAufkl.svg Strategic Reconnaissance Command (Kommando Strategische Aufklärung KSA), in Gelsdorf
      • EloKaBtl 911.jpg 911th Electronic Warfare Battalion
      • EloKaBtl 912.png 912th Electronic Warfare Battalion, mans the Oste-class SIGINT/ELINT and reconnaissance ships
      • EloKaBtl 931.png 931st Electronic Warfare Battalion
      • EloKaBtl 932.jpg 932nd Electronic Warfare Battalion, provides airborne troops for operations in enemy territory
      • SchStratAufklBw.png Bundeswehr Strategic Reconnaissance School
      • Bundeswehr Operational Communications Center
      • Cyber-Operations Center
      • Electronic Warfare Analysis Center
      • Central Imaging Reconnaissance, operating the SAR-Lupe satellites
      • ZU-StelleBwTAufkl.png Central Bundeswehr Investigation Authority for Technical Reconnaissance
    • AGeoBw.jpg Bundeswehr Geoinformation Centre (Zentrum für Geoinformationswesen der Bundeswehr), in Euskirchen
    • Wappen Kommando Informationstechnik der Bundeswehr.svg Information Technology Command (Kommando Informationstechnik der Bundeswehr, in Bonn
      • COA BITS.svg Bundeswehr IT Operations Center
      • FüUstgSBw.jpg Bundeswehr Information Technology School
      • FüUstgBtl 281.png 281st Information Technology Battalion
      • FüUstgBtl 282.png 282nd Information Technology Battalion
      • FüUstgBtl 292.png 292nd Information Technology Battalion
      • FüUstgBtl 293.png 293rd Information Technology Battalion
      • COA ITBtl 381.svg 381st Information Technology Battalion
      • COA ITBtl 383.svg 383rd Information Technology Battalion
      • Bundeswehr Cyber-Security Center
      • Bundeswehr Software Competence Center

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