Daily Desher Katha


Daily Desher Katha (Bengali: ডেইলি দেশের কথা Ḍeili Desher Kôtha) is a Bengali daily newspaper published from Agartala. It is a daily publication of the state committee of CPI(M), Tripura.[3]

Daily Desher Katha
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Daily Desher Katha Trust[1]
PublisherSamir Paul
EditorSamir Paul
Associate editorMilan De Sarkar,Haradhan De
Staff writersTapas Debnath, Pranab Chakroborty, Anjan De, Rahul Sinha etc.
Political alignmentCommunist
HeadquartersAgartala, Tripura


Desher Katha was founded in 1979. The newspaper came under the severe attack launched on it the during the chaotic Congress-TUJS coalition regime.


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