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David Fenech is a French composer, guitarist and singer born on 19 July 1969 in Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine. His style has been described as ʻa kind of punk musique concrèteʼ. He uses the studio as an instrument, using a large panel of recording techniques. He has played and recorded with musicians such as Nurse With Wound, Felix Kubin, Jad Fair, Tom Cora, Rhys Chatham, Pascal Comelade, Jac Berrocal, Ghédalia Tazartès, James Plotkin, Shugo Tokumaru, Ergo Phizmiz, Pierre Bastien, and many others.

David Fenech
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Background information
Birth nameDavid Fenech Saint Genieys
Also known asDavid F
Born (1969-07-19) 19 July 1969 (age 52)
OriginSaint-Cloud, France
Genresfree jazz
electronic music
Musique concrète
Instrumentselectric guitar
Years active1993–present
LabelsBlackest Ever Black, Marionette, Sub Rosa, Akuphone, Brocoli, Klang Galerie, Gagarin, inPolysons


David Fenech received a guitar for his tenth birthday and never ceased making music since then. Between 1990 and 1995, he was very active on the mail art network and published tracks on various tape and CD compilations. In 1991, he led the Peu Importe collective in Grenoble. This band played improvised music and punk rock in a spirit close to bands like The Ex or Pere Ubu.

David Fenech released his debut solo CD in 2000 on the Tout L'Univers label (reissued by Felix Kubin on Gagarin Records), and then a duet with Moka. His second album called Polochon Battle was released by inPolysons, a French label.

He also plays improvisation on electric guitar with musicians such as Gino Robair, Tom Cora, Jac Berrocal, Andrea Parkins and has also played duets with musicians like Felix Kubin, Jad Fair, Ergo Phizmiz, Klimperei, James Plotkin, Shugo Tokumaru, Ghédalia Tazartès, etc. He has also worked as a software developer at IRCAM and more recently at L-Acoustics

He has run a micro label Demosaurus that has published 2 cds (Ghédalia Tazartès and Frank Pahl).

In 2009, he began working with Jac Berrocal. This collaboration resulted in a record as a trio with Ghédalia Tazartès (Superdisque, on Sub Rosa) and more recently trios with Jac Berrocal + Vincent Epplay (3 albums) or with Jac Berrocal + Jason Willett (Christmas in March - Megaphone / Knock Em Dead)

Selected discographyEdit


  • 2007 Polochon Battle – CD, Inpolysons
  • 2000 Grand Huit – CD, Tout L'Univers.

With Pierre BastienEdit

  • 2022, Suspicious Moon, CD, LP, Improved Sequence

With Jac Berrocal and Ghédalia TazartèsEdit

  • 2011, Superdisque, CD, LP, Sub Rosa

With Jac Berrocal and Vincent EpplayEdit

  • 2020, Exterior Lux, LP, Akuphone - CD, KlangGalerie
  • 2019, Ice Exposure, LP, Blackest Ever Black - CD, KlangGalerie
  • 2017, Why, Single, Blackest Ever Black
  • 2015, Antigravity, CD, LP, Blackest Ever Black

With Jac Berrocal and Jason WillettEdit

  • 2020, Xmas in March, LP, Megaphone + Knock Em Dead Records

With Laurent PerrierEdit

  • 2020 Plateforme #3 – LP, Bam Balam records

With KlimpereiEdit

  • 2021 Rainbow de Nuit – LP, Marionette records

With MokaEdit

  • 2000 Les vaches – vinyl, Romulus Et Remus

With Peu ImporteEdit

  • 1996 Discotroma 1 – CD, Le Dernier Cri
  • 1996 Discotroma 2 – CD, Le Dernier Cri


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