Founded1985 (1985)

Deutz-Allis was formed when Deutz-Fahr of Germany, part of KHD, purchased the agricultural assets of the Allis-Chalmers corporation in 1985.

Deutz-Allis was eventually sold to the Allis-Gleaner Corporation, or AGCO), in 1990. Deutz-Allis tractors and equipment were renamed in North America to be AGCO-Allis, but continued in South America until 2001, when the South American operations were renamed AGCO-Allis. In Argentina, was made the Deutz-Allis 5.125 L[1][better source needed] and the Deutz-Allis 5.190.[2][better source needed]

In North America, Deutz-Allis tractors carried both the traditional Deutz-green color, and Allis-orange color. In South America they were Deutz-green.


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