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Offline Dino Game
Trex pixel.png
The T-Rex player character
Designer(s)Sebastien Gabriel

The Dinosaur Game (also known as the Chrome Dino)[1] is a built-in browser game in the Google Chrome web browser.[2][3] The player guides a pixelated Tyrannosaurus rex across a side-scrolling landscape, avoiding obstacles to achieve a higher score. The game was created by Sebastien Gabriel in 2014, and is intended to be accessed by hitting the space bar when Google Chrome is offline.[4]


The player ducking under a pterodactyl. This can be done by pressing the key.

When the Chrome browser is offline, and a user tries to navigate to a web page, the browser notifies the user that they are not connected to the Internet. An illustration of the "Lonely T-Rex" dinosaur is shown at the top, designed by Sebastien Gabriel.[5] Tapping the dinosaur in Android or iOS, or pressing space or on desktop, launches the game. The game can also be accessed by typing chrome://dino or chrome://network-error/-106 into the URL bar.[4]

During gameplay, a running dinosaur moves from left to right across a desert landscape, and the player avoids oncoming obstacles by jumping or ducking, including cacti and pterodactyls. Pressing space or will jump, and will duck (mobile users can only press the space bar to jump). As gameplay progresses, the speed of play increases until the user cannot keep up and hits an obstacle, prompting an instant game over. as player progresses every 100 points your score total will flash.

When the player reaches 500 points, the Pteranodons start to come into play. then at 600 points the game switches from black graphics on black, to black graphics on blue , representing a shift from day to night. Reaching a score of 700 points will switch the color scheme back, and will switch back and forth at subsequent milestones, about 100 points each "night and day" [6][7][8] The game was designed to reach a maximum score after approximately 17 million years of playtime, in reference to how long the Tyrannosaurus rex existed before it went extinct.[9][10]

If an administrator disables the dinosaur game, an error message appears when attempting to play the game, featuring a picture of a meteor heading towards the dinosaur.[citation needed]

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Dino Swords

In August 2020, MSCHF and 100 Thieves partnered to create a modified version of the game called Dino Swords. Dino Swords features a small arsenal of weapons and time-slowing pills. When mismanaged, the weapons can backfire and harm the dinosaur.[11]


The base game received widespread recognition, with the creators revealing that 270 million games are played monthly.[12]

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