Division of Denison (state)


TasmaniaHouse of Assembly
Map showing the Division of Denison, as of the 2018 Tasmanian state election.
NamesakeSir William Denison
Electors74,397 (2018)
Area290 km2 (112.0 sq mi)
DemographicInner metropolitan
Division of Denison

The electoral division of Denison was an electorate of the Tasmanian House of Assembly from 1909 to 2018. It was located in Hobart on the western shore of the River Derwent and includes the suburbs below Mount Wellington. Denison was named after Sir William Denison, who was Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land (1847–55), and Governor of New South Wales (1855–61). The electorate shared its name and boundaries with the federal division of Denison. The seat was abolished in September 2018 and replaced by the Division of Clark, in line with its federal namesake.

Denison was represented by five members elected under the Hare-Clark electoral system.

History and electoral profile

The division was located on the western side of the Derwent River, covering a part of Kingborough and all of the Hobart and Glenorchy local government areas. Covering an area of 290 km² it was the smallest of Tasmania's five electoral divisions.

Members for Denison

Year Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party
1909   Sir John Davies Anti-Socialist   Sir Elliott Lewis Anti-Socialist   Frederick Rattle Anti-Socialist   Walter Woods Labor   William Sheridan Labor   Edward Crowther Anti-Socialist
6 seats
1912   Liberal   Liberal   Vincent Barker Labor   Francis Valentine Liberal
1913   Lyndhurst Giblin Labor   William Fullerton Liberal
1914   William Sheridan Labor
1916   John Cleary Labor   William Burgess Liberal
1917   Nationalist   Charles Hoggins Nationalist   George Foster Nationalist   Nationalist
1919   Robert Cosgrove Labor   Robert Snowden Nationalist   John McPhee Nationalist
1922   Charles Grant Nationalist   Charles Culley Labor
1924   Leslie Payne Nationalist
1925   Walter Woods Labor   John Soundy Nationalist   Robert Cosgrove Labor
1928   Edmund Dwyer-Gray Labor   Charles Grant Nationalist
1931   Ernest Turner Nationalist   Gerald Mahoney Labor
1932   Arndell Lewis Nationalist
1934   George Carruthers Independent   Robert Cosgrove Labor   Charles Culley Labor
1937   Arndell Lewis Nationalist   Francis Heerey Labor
1941   Ernest Turner Nationalist
1941   Charles Atkins Nationalist   Alfred White Labor
1945   Francis Heerey Labor
1946   Robert Harvey Nationalist
1946   Liberal   Rex Townley Independent   Horace Strutt Liberal
1948   Bill Wedd Independent   Henry Hope Labor
1950   Liberal   Frank Gaha Labor
1953   Leo McPartlan Independent
1955   Bill Hodgman Liberal
1958   Eric Howroyd Labor
1959   Bert Lacey Labor
1959   Sir Archibald Park Liberal   Bill Wedd Independent   Charley Aylett Labor   Harry McLoughlin Labor
1959   Independent   Horace Strutt Liberal
1964   Independent
1964   Robert Mather Liberal   Nigel Abbott Liberal   Ken Austin Labor   Merv Everett Labor
1965   George Brown Liberal
1969   Bob Baker Liberal   Max Bingham Liberal   Neil Batt Labor
1972   Kevin Corby Labor
1974   John Green Labor   Ian Cole Labor
1976   Julian Amos Labor   Max Robinson Liberal
1979   John Devine Labor
1980   Gabriel Haros Liberal   Norm Sanders Democrats   Bob Graham Labor
1982   Geoff Davis Liberal   Peter Walker Liberal
1983   Bob Brown Independent Green
1984   Carmel Holmes Liberal   Bob Graham Labor
1986   Independent
1986   Ray Groom Liberal   Judy Jackson Labor   Neil Batt Labor   John White Labor   John Bennett Liberal
1987   John Barker Liberal
1989   Greens   David Crean Labor
1990   Chris Gibson Liberal
1992   Julian Amos Labor   Michael Hodgman Liberal
1993   Peg Putt Greens
1996   Bob Cheek Liberal   Jim Bacon Labor
5 seats
2001   Michael Hodgman Liberal
2002   Graeme Sturges Labor
2004   David Bartlett Labor
2006   Lisa Singh Labor
2008   Cassy O'Connor Greens
2010   Elise Archer Liberal   Matthew Groom Liberal   Scott Bacon Labor
2011   Graeme Sturges Labor
2014   Madeleine Ogilvie Labor
2018   Sue Hickey Liberal   Ella Haddad Labor

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