Dokka is the administrative centre of Nordre Land municipality, in Innlandet county, Norway.


Highway 33 (Rv33) comes from the south, along the east side of Randsfjorden, Norway's fourth largest lake. The highway continues northwest to the municipality of Etnedal and to the village of Bjørgo in Nord-Aurdal municipality. Highway 245 (Rv245) goes south on the west side of Randsfjorden. Highway 250 (Rv250) continues into eastern Torpa.

In 2002, Dokka celebrated its centenary. The population of Dokka (2005) was 2,796.

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The centre is named after the river Dokka, a tributary of the Etna. The name of the river Dokka is derived from the Old Norse word dökk, meaning "hollow, depression".

Fun fact: The name dokka (どっか)is a slang term meaning "Somewhere" in Japanese. By saying Dokka-toiu-dokka-ni-iku you are essentially saying "I`m going somewhere called dokka"

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Coordinates: 60°50′N 10°05′E / 60.833°N 10.083°E / 60.833; 10.083