ESA Centre for Earth Observation


The ESA Centre for Earth Observation (also known as the European Space Research Institute or ESRIN) is a research centre belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA), located in Frascati (Rome) Italy.[1] It is dedicated to research involving earth observation data taken from satellites, among other specialised activities. The establishment currently hosts the European Space Agency's development team for the Vega launcher.[2]

ESA Centre for Earth Observation
Parent organization
European Space Agency

Coordinates: 41°49′37″N 12°40′27″E / 41.8269472°N 12.6741222°E / 41.8269472; 12.6741222


ESLAR, a laboratory for advanced research was created in 1966 mainly to break the political deadlock over the location of ESLAB. Later renamed ESRIN, an acronym for European Space Research Institute, ESLAR was based in Frascati (Italy).[3] The ESRO Convention describes ESRINs' role in the following manner: undertake laboratory and theoretical research in the basic physics and chemistry necessary to the understanding of past and the planning of future experiments in space.

— ESRO Convention[3]

The facility began acquiring data from environmental satellites within Earthnet programme in the 1970s.[4]

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