EchoStar XI


EchoStar XI
Mission typeCommunication
COSPAR ID2008-035A
SATCAT no.33207
Mission duration15 years (planned)
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass5,511 kilograms (12,150 lb)
Dry mass2,479 kilograms (5,465 lb)
Start of mission
Launch dateJuly 16, 2008, 05:20 (2008-07-16UTC05:20Z) UTC
Launch siteOcean Odyssey
ContractorSea Launch
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
Longitude110° West
Inclination0 degrees
Period1,437.0 minutes
Band29 Ku band
Coverage areaContiguous United States

EchoStar XI, also known as EchoStar 11, is an American geostationary communications satellite which is operated by EchoStar on behalf of Dish Network. It is positioned in Geostationary orbit at a longitude of 110° West, from where it is used to provide direct broadcasting services to the United States.

EchoStar XI was built by SSL, and is based on the LS-1300 satellite bus. It is equipped with 29 Ku band transponders, and at launch it had a mass of 5,511 kilograms (12,150 lb), with an expected operational lifespan of 16 years. The satellite was launched using a Sea Launch Zenit-3SL carrier rocket flying from the Ocean Odyssey launch platform. The launch occurred on 16 July 2008.[1]

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