Educational Research Trust


The Educational Research Trust is a British charity based in Harrow.

It was founded in 1985 by John Marks and Caroline Cox (now Baroness Cox), who were its co-directors, to improve standards in schools. The Trust was consulted about the drafting of the 1988 Education Reform Act, which introduced the National Curriculum, grant-maintained schools and City Technology Colleges.[1]

Charitable objectsEdit

The Trust's main charitable objects as listed on documents lodged with the Charities Commission are:

  • To promote the advancement of knowledge in the field of education in all its branches
  • To promote and undertake research into education or educational standards of any kind (but with particular reference to the philosophical and religious principles of involved in education)
  • To publish and disseminate the useful results of any research undertaken as aforesaid[2]

Trustees and directorsEdit

The charity's trustees are Mrs Jessica Douglas-Home, Professor Roger Scruton, and Mr L. Norcross. The organisation's directors are Dr John Marks, a former Professor of the private University of Buckingham[3] and Baroness Cox. They are both also directors of the Centre for Social Cohesion.[4][5][6]


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