Ekspress AT2


Mission typeCommunications
COSPAR ID2014-010B
SATCAT no.39613
Mission duration15 years planned
Spacecraft properties
ManufacturerISS Reshetnev
Launch mass1,326 kilograms (2,923 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date15 March 2014, 23:08 (2014-03-15UTC23:08Z) UTC
Launch siteBaikonur 81/24
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee altitude35,792 kilometres (22,240 mi)[1]
Apogee altitude35,793 kilometres (22,241 mi)[1]
Inclination0.07 degrees[1]
Period1436.11 minutes[1]
Epoch22 January 2015, 22:13:28 UTC[1]

Ekspress AT2 (Russian: Экспресс АT2) is a Russian communications satellite which was launched in March 2014. Part of the Ekspress series of geostationary communications satellites, it is owned and operated by the Russian State Company for Satellite Communications. It is based on the Ekspress-1000K satellite bus manufactured by JSC Information Satellite Systems. Its mass at launch is 1326 kg, and the power allocated to the payload is about 2850 watts. The satellite carries 16 Ku-band transponders, providing satellite TV to western and central Russia, as well as western and central Siberia, and almost all of Kazakhstan. The planned service life of the satellite is at least 15 years.[2]


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