Elderberry Forebay


Elderberry Forebay is a small reservoir in Los Angeles County, California, which serves as the pumping forebay of the Castaic Power Plant. It located at the upper end of the larger Castaic Lake and is separated from the lake by Elderberry Forebay Dam at its southern edge. Entering the northern end of the forebay is the west branch of the California Aqueduct, which connects the forebay to Pyramid Lake through the Angeles Tunnel.[2][3]

Elderberry Forebay
Elderberry Forebay is located in California
Elderberry Forebay
Elderberry Forebay
LocationLos Angeles County, California
Coordinates34°34′19″N 118°38′16″W / 34.5719°N 118.6379°W / 34.5719; -118.6379[1]Coordinates: 34°34′19″N 118°38′16″W / 34.5719°N 118.6379°W / 34.5719; -118.6379[1]
Primary inflowsWest Branch California Aqueduct
Primary outflowsCastaic Creek
Catchment area81.6 square miles (211 km2)[2]
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area450 acres (180 ha)[2]
Water volume28,400 acre⋅ft (35.0×10^6 m3)[2]
Surface elevation1,519 feet (463 m)[1]

A component of the California State Water Project, the reservoir was partitioned from Castaic Lake in 1974 to store water for pumped-storage hydroelectricity generation.[2][3] During on-peak energy-demand hours, water flows 7.5 miles (12.1 km) from Pyramid Lake through the Angeles Tunnel and then on to the turbines of the Castaic Power Plant, producing electricity. From there, the water flows into Elderberry Forebay. During off-peak hours (including nighttime and Sundays), water is pumped from the forebay, back through the tunnel and into Pyramid Lake.[3]

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