Elderberry Forebay Dam


Elderberry Forebay Dam is a dam located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains of northwestern Los Angeles County, California. The dam partitions Elderberry Forebay from Castaic Lake. It forms the headwater reservoir for Castaic Power Plant, a pumped-storage hydroelectricity generation facility.[1][3] The dam was completed in 1974 as part of the California State Water Project.

Elderberry Forebay Dam
LocationLos Angeles County, California
Coordinates34°33′43″N 118°37′51″W / 34.56194°N 118.63083°W / 34.56194; -118.63083Coordinates: 34°33′43″N 118°37′51″W / 34.56194°N 118.63083°W / 34.56194; -118.63083
Opening date1974
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarthfill[1]
ImpoundsCastaic Creek
Height179 ft (55 m)[1]
Length1,935 ft (590 m)[1]
Elevation at crest1,550 ft (470 m)[1]
Width (base)25 ft (7.6 m)[1]
Dam volume5,896,950 cu yd (4,508,540 m3)[1]
CreatesElderberry Forebay
Total capacity28,400 acre⋅ft (35,000 dam3)[1]
Catchment area81.6 sq mi (211 km2)[1]
Surface area450 acres (180 ha)[1]
Normal elevation1,519 ft (463 m)[2]

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