Elwin Bay


Elwin Bay
Elwin Bay is located in Nunavut
Elwin Bay
Elwin Bay
LocationPrince Regent Inlet
Coordinates73°31′59″N 90°55′0″W / 73.53306°N 90.91667°W / 73.53306; -90.91667 (Elwin Bay)Coordinates: 73°31′59″N 90°55′0″W / 73.53306°N 90.91667°W / 73.53306; -90.91667 (Elwin Bay)
Basin countriesCanada

Elwin Bay is an Arctic waterway in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located Prince Regent Inlet by the northeastern shore of Somerset Island. Port Leopold is nearby.


In 1852, in search of the lost Franklin expedition, the French Arctic explorer Lieutenant Joseph René Bellot spent time in the bay and its surrounds.[1]

It is filled with the skeletons and bones of several hundred beluga left by whalers. Many hunters died on whaling expeditions.


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