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Encino (Spanish for "oak") is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California.

Encino Commons in Encino, 2010
Encino Commons in Encino, 2010
Encino as mapped by the Los Angeles Times
Encino as mapped by the Los Angeles Times
Encino is located in San Fernando Valley
Location within Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley
Encino is located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area
Encino (the Los Angeles metropolitan area)
Coordinates: 34°09′33″N 118°30′01″W / 34.15917°N 118.50028°W / 34.15917; -118.50028Coordinates: 34°09′33″N 118°30′01″W / 34.15917°N 118.50028°W / 34.15917; -118.50028
CountryUnited States
CountyLos Angeles
CityLos Angeles
774 ft (235.9 m)
 • Total44,581
Time zoneUTC-8 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-7 (PDT)
ZIP code
91316, 91436


Encino's origins lie in Rancho Los Encinos, a Spanish and later Mexican-era rancho purchased by Californio ranchero Vicente de la Ossa in 1849.
Rancho Los Encinos is today preserved and open to the public as Los Encinos State Historic Park.

In 1769, the Spanish Portolá expedition, first Europeans to see inland areas of California, traveled north through Sepulveda Pass into the San Fernando Valley on August 5 and stayed two nights at a native village near what is now Los Encinos State Historic Park. Fray Juan Crespi, a Franciscan missionary traveling with the expedition, named the valley "El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bolonia de Los Encinos" (The Valley of St. Catherine of Bologna of the Holm Oaks).[1] All of Crespi's name was later dropped except "Encino".

Rancho Los Encinos (Ranch of Holm Oaks) was established in 1845 when a large parcel of former Mission San Fernando land was granted to three Mission Indians by governor Pio Pico. Many ranchos were created after the secularization of the California missions, which began in 1834. Encino derives its name from the rancho.[2]


The 2000 U.S. census counted 41,905 residents in the 9.5-square-mile (25 km2) Encino neighborhood — 4,411 inhabitants per square mile (1,703/km2), among the lowest population densities for the city but average for the county. In 2008, the city estimated that the resident population had increased to 44,581.[3]

In 2000 the median age for residents was 42, considered old for city and county neighborhoods; the percentages of residents aged 50 and older were among the county's highest.[3]

The neighborhood demographic breakdown was whites, 80.1%; Latinos, 8.5%; Asians, 4.9%; blacks, 2.4%; and others, 4.1%. Iran (30.1%) and Russia (6.4%) were the most common places of birth for the 32.8% of the residents who were born abroad—an average percentage for Los Angeles.[3]

The median yearly household income in 2008 dollars was $78,529, considered high for the city. The percentage of households that earned $125,000 and up was high for Los Angeles County. The average household size of 2.3 people was low when compared to the rest of the city and the county. Renters occupied 38.4% of the housing stock and house- or apartment-owners held 61.6%.[3]

The percentages of divorced residents and of widowed men and women were among the county's highest. In 2000 military veterans amounted to 10.6% of the population, a high rate for the county.[3]


Encino is situated in the central portion of the southern San Fernando Valley and on the north slope of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is flanked on the north by Reseda, Lake Balboa, and the Sepulveda Basin, on the east by Sherman Oaks, on the south by Brentwood, and on the west by Tarzana.[4][5]


Climate data for Encino, Los Angeles, California
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 67
Average low °F (°C) 43
Average precipitation inches (mm) 3.96
Source: [6]


Financial institution on Ventura Boulevard
Plaza De Oro Shopping Center, Ventura Boulevard

The local economy provides jobs primarily in health care (including one of two Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center hospitals), social services, and professional services (accounting and financial services, real estate, and legal) sectors. There are approximately 3,800 businesses employing about 27,000 people at an annual payroll of $1.4 billion.[7]

Government and infrastructureEdit

Encino is in Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors district 3 and Los Angeles City Council District 4. It is also represented within the city of Los Angeles by the Encino Neighborhood Council,[8] an advisory body.[9]

The United States Postal Service operates the Encino Post Office at 5805 White Oak Avenue and the Balboa Van Nuys Post Office at 4930 Balboa Boulevard.[10][11]


A Park and Ride lot with 160 spaces is located at 5174 Hayvenhurst Avenue, which provides connections to various LADOT commuter buses.[12]


By 2000, forty-six percent of Encino residents aged 25 and older had earned a four-year degree, a high percentage for both the city and the county. The percentage of those residents with a master's degree or higher was also high for the county.[3]

Schools within the Encino boundaries are:[13]


Encino is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

  • Hesby Oaks Leadership Charter School (K-8 school)[14]
  • Encino Charter Elementary School[15]
  • Emelita Street Elementary School
  • Fred E. Lull Special Education Center
  • Lanai Road Elementary School[16]

As of 2009, there were no public high schools in Encino. Public high schools serving portions of Encino were Birmingham High School in Lake Balboa, and Reseda High School in Reseda.[17]

In 1982 the board considered closing Rhoda Street Elementary School in Encino. In April 1983 an advisory committee of the LAUSD recommended closing eight LAUSD schools, including Rhoda Street School.[18] In August 1983 the board publicly considered closing Rhoda, which had 262 students at the time.[19] In 1984 the board voted to close the Rhoda Street School.[20]


Carmelite Crespi High School fine arts building

Parks and recreationEdit

California State Parks operates the 5-acre (2.0 ha) Los Encinos State Historic Park in Encino.[21] The park includes the original nine room de la Ossa Adobe, the Garnier Building, a blacksmith shop, a pond, and a natural spring.[22]

The Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area, located in Encino,[23] includes the Woodley Worel/Magnus Cricket Complex.[24] Also included in the basin is the Encino Golf Course and the Balboa Golf Course.[25] [26]

The Balboa Sports Complex in Encino includes a lighted baseball diamond, lighted outdoor basketball courts, a children's play area, a community room, a lighted football field, a lighted handball court, an indoor gymnasium without weights and with a capacity for 400 people, an unlighted soccer field, lighted tennis courts, and lighted volleyball courts.[27] The Sepulveda Basin Off-leash Dog Park is a dog park in Encino. The dog park has 6.5 acres (2.6 ha) of leash-free dog area, a 0.5-acre (0.20 ha) small dog area, an on-leash picnic area, 100 parking spots, and public telephones.[28] The Sepulveda Garden Center, a community garden area in Encino, has about 16 acres (6.5 ha) of land and 420 garden plots.[29]

Notable peopleEdit



Notable attractionsEdit

The stump pictured in 2008 is all that remains of the historic Encino Oak Tree.

The Encino Velodrome has provided an outdoor oval bicycle racing track since 1961.[96]

Los Encinos State Historic Park features historic buildings, a small museum, and picnic grounds. In 2009 it faced closure due to California's budget crisis. However, the Park remains open today.

The Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area[97][98] is a large area with multiple golf courses, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, bike paths, and a lake bordered by about 2,000 Pink Cloud cherry trees that blossom in the spring and were donated anonymously. Encino Park was founded around 1937 and still draws youngsters to its playgrounds, as well as visitors to its basketball courts and two lighted tennis courts.

For over a millennium, the area known as Encino was the home of a massive California live oak known as the Encino Oak Tree. It is possible that Encino is named because of this particular tree. (Encino is the Spanish word for "evergreen" or "holm oak.") It was known for its size and longevity. The tree died on February 7, 1998, after an El Niño storm felled it. Today there is a monument to the tree at the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Louise Avenue where the Encino Oak once stood.[99]

In popular cultureEdit

  • Encino is a recurring location in the SpongeBob SquarePants series, where the character Patchy the Pirate takes residence in the neighborhood. In the special episode Atlantis SquarePantis, Patchy stars in a subplot in which he had to return home to Encino to watch the new SpongeBob episode, but the neighborhood had disappeared.[100]
  • The 1992 movie Encino Man revolves around two geeky teenagers from Encino who discover a caveman in their backyard, frozen in a block of ice where he has to learn to live in the 20th century while teaching the teenagers about life.[101]
  • Frank Zappa's song "Valley Girl" mentions Encino in the lyrics.
  • The movie "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" filmed several scenes in Encino.
  • In the "Columbo" TV series episode "A Bird In The Hand," the scene where Columbo visits a car dealership was filmed in Encino.
  • In the Gex video game series, the eponymous character grew up in Encino.[104]



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  • "A history rooted in farms and film stars", Los Angeles Times, Real Estate section, Neighborly Advice column, 17 July 2005
  • "Rancho Los Encinos", Historic Adobes of Los Angeles County
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