Cape Verde is a net importer of energy, with no significant fossil energy resources. As of 2016, 176,743 metric tonnes of fuel (about 3,550 barrels per day) were sold on the internal market.[1] Electricity production was 443 GWh in 2016, of which 81% from thermal power, 17% from wind power and 1.4% from solar power.[1] The main electricity producing company of Cape Verde is Electra. Electra serves all islands of Cape Verde except Boa Vista, where electricity and water are produced and distributed by the public-private company Águas e Energia de Boavista.[2] Other smaller electricity producers are Cabeólica, which operates 4 wind parks, Águas de Ponta Preta on the island of Sal, and Electric Wind on Santo Antão.[2]


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