Eparchy of Buda

Епархија будимска
HeadquartersSzentendre (Serbian: Сентандреја)
DenominationEastern Orthodox
Sui iuris churchSerbian Orthodox Church
Patriarchate of Peć (Serbia)
Established16th century
LanguageChurch Slavonic
Current leadership
BishopLukijan Pantelić
Map of Eparchies of Serbian Orthodox Church (including Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric)-en.svg
Map of Serbian Orthodox eparchies in Europe, including the Eparchy of Buda
Jurisdiction of Serbian Patriarchate in the 16th and 17th centuries

The Eparchy of Buda (Serbian: Будимска епархија or Budimska eparhija) is a diocese or eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, having jurisdiction over the territory of Hungary. The see of the eparchy is in Szentendre (Serbian: Сентандреја or Sentandreja) near Budapest.


The term Buda (Serbian: Будим or Budim) in the name of the eparchy refers to the name of the former city of Buda, which merged with the city of Pest to form the modern city of Budapest in 1873. That change did not affect the eparchy and the original name has been kept to the present day.[1]


Early Christianity in Pannonia

Christianization of Slavs in Pannonia

Orthodox Christianity in Kingdom of Hungary

Serbian Eparchy of Buda under Turkish Rule

Serbian Eparchy of Buda under Habsburg Rule

Serbian Eparchy of Buda in Modern Hungary


List of Serbian Orthodox Bishops of Buda:


  • Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Grabovac (Grábóc)
  • Orthodox Monastery of Serbian Kovin (Ráckeve)


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