Equatorial Space Systems


Equatorial Space Systems
Founded2017; 4 years ago (2017) in Singapore.[1]
  • Simon Gwozdz
  • Praveen Ganapathi Perumal
Key people
  • Simon Gwozdz (CEO)
  • James Anderson (CTO)
  • Praveen Ganapathi Perumal (COO)

Equatorial Space Systems PTE LTD. also known as Equatorial Space, is a Singapore-based company that develops hybrid-engine rockets and affordable space launch services. The company was founded by Simon Gwozdz and Praveen Ganapathi Perumal in 2017 in Singapore, with the goal to develop low-cost space launch vehicles.[2]


Low Altitude Demonstration (LAD)

The 2.4 meter tall, 22-kilogram LAD (Low Altitude Demonstrator) rocket was designed as a flight test for ESS’ HRF-1 solid fuel formulation, which is a development of the company’s Chief Technology Officer Jamie Anderson. [3]

The LAD rocket was successfully launched to an altitude of 1,200 meters, at 11:40am MYT on Monday the 21st of December 2020. The launch which took place at the Felcra Palm Oil Estate in Perak, Malaysia, is the first cross border collaboration involving a privately developed rocket with hybrid propulsion in the South East Asia region.[4][5]


Dorado is a suborbital sounding rocket with a diameter of 310mm, and will have a single and dual stage version capable of delivering a 25 kilogram payload to 105 and 270 kilometres respectively. Dorado's hybrid rocket motor and pyrotechnic free payload separation are unique features, and its first launch slated for Q2 2022 will make be South East Asia's first commercial rocket launch.[6]


Volans is a small satellite launch vehicle, designed to deliver 150 kilograms of payload to SSO and more than 220kg to equatorial LEO when launched from ESS’s proposed ocean platform.[7]


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