Ettore Roesler Franz


Ettore Roesler Franz
Ettore Roesler Franz by Giacomo Balla.jpg
Portrait of Roesler Franz by Giacomo Balla, circa 1902; exhibited at the Biennale di Venezia of 1903
Born11 May 1845
Died26 March 1907
Notable work
Roma sparita
Ponte Rotto in Rome
An 1880 water colour of the Roman Ghetto

Ettore Roesler Franz (11 May 1845 – 26 March 1907)[1] was an Italian painter and photographer. He was among the most prolific Italian water-colourists and vedutisti of the late nineteenth century.[2]


Roesler Franz was born in Rome on 11 May 1845. His father Luigi was of Bohemian origin, his mother was Teresa Biondi.[1][2]

In 1875, he – with Nazzareno Cipriani [it] and eight other artists including Vincenzo Cabianca, Onorato Carlandi and Cesare Maccari – started the Società degli Acquarellisti di Roma, modelled on the British Old Water-colour Society.[1][2]


His most famous work is a series of 120 aquarelles (water colours) named "Roma sparita" ("vanishing Rome"), which depict with great realism parts of the city he supposed were going to be destroyed in the effort to modernise it. Many of his water colours are in the Museo di Roma in Trastevere.


In 1902 he was portrayed by Giacomo Balla in a famous painting exhibited at the Venice Biennale. He died in Rome in 1907.


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