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Eugene James Carroll, Jr. (December 2, 1923 Miami, Arizona – February 19, 2003) was a rear admiral in the United States Navy, and deputy director of the Center for Defense Information.[1] After his retirement, he became a vocal proponent of nuclear disarmament.[1]

Life edit

He joined the Navy in 1945. He served in the Korean War as a naval aviator and in the Vietnam War.[1] Promoted to rear admiral in 1972, he commanded the USS Midway, and a carrier group in the United States Sixth Fleet.[2] He retired in 1980.[1]

Afterward, he joined the Center for Defense Information. He became a knowledgeable source for nuclear disarmament.[2] He is interviewed/featured extensively in the 1992 Academy Award winning documentary The Panama Deception discussing the U.S. position and tactics during the Invasion of Panama the week prior to Christmas 1989.[3]

He graduated from George Washington University with an MA in international relations.

Grave at Arlington National Cemetery

Carroll died of a heart attack at Walter Reed Army Medical Center at the age of 79.[1] He was survived by his wife Margaret and their son.[2] He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Section 66, Site 7547.[4]

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