European route E90


European route E 90 is an A-Class West–East European route, extending from Lisbon in Portugal in the west to the TurkishIraqi border in the east.

E90 shield
Major junctions
West endLisbon, Portugal
East endSilopi, Turkey
Countries Portugal
Highway system


The E 90 routes through five European countries, and includes four sea-crossings: Barcelona, Spain - Mazara del Vallo, Italy; Messina, Italy to Reggio Calabria, Italy; Brindisi, Italy, to Igoumenitsa, Greece, and Eceabat, Turkey, to Çanakkale, Turkey.


The 25 de Abril Bridge connecting Almada to Lisbon, Portugal


The E90 near Zaragoza, Spain



The E90 near Torregrotta, Italy



The E90 near Veria, Greece

The Greek portion of E90 is known as Egnatia Odos, after the road built on top of a pre-Roman trail that spanned from the Adriatic to the Aegean, Via Egnatia. It was later extended to Byzantium (Constantinople) to the east and Rome to the west. The name Egnatia comes from the Roman proconsul, Gnaius Egnatius, who built the original road.[1] In its design phase, Egnatia Odos was planned to have 1650 bridges, 43 river crossings, 11 railway crosses, and 50 interchanges with existing roads.




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Coordinates: 37°58′51″N 13°40′09″E / 37.98083°N 13.66917°E / 37.98083; 13.66917