Europium(III) nitrate


Europium(III) nitrate is an inorganic compound with the formula Eu(NO3)3. Its hexahydrate is the most common form, which is a colorless hygroscopic crystal.

Europium(III) nitrate
IUPAC name
Europium trinitrate
  • 10138-01-9 (anhydrous) checkY
  • 10031-53-5 (hexahydrate) checkY
3D model (JSmol)
  • Interactive image
  • 23353 (anhydrous)
  • 175150 (hexahydrate)
ECHA InfoCard 100.030.333 Edit this at Wikidata
  • 54604362 (anhydrous)
  • 202256 (hexahydrate)
  • DTXSID80890643 Edit this at Wikidata
  • InChI=1S/Eu.3NO3.6H2O/c;3*2-1(3)4;;;;;;/h;;;;6*1H2/q+3;3*-1;;;;;;
  • [N+](=O)([O-])[O-].[N+](=O)([O-])[O-].[N+](=O)([O-])[O-].O.O.O.O.O.O.[Eu+3]
Molar mass 337.985 g/mol
446.081 g/mol (hexahydrate)
Melting point decomposes
GHS labelling:
GHS03: OxidizingGHS07: Exclamation mark
H272, H315, H319, H335
P210, P220, P221, P261, P264, P271, P280, P302+P352, P304+P340, P305+P351+P338, P312, P321, P332+P313, P337+P313, P362, P370+P378, P403+P233, P405, P501
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Europium(III) arsenate
Other cations
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Europium(II) nitrate
Europium(III) oxide
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Europium(III) nitrate hexahydrate under fluorescent lamp (left) and UV light (right).

Preparation edit

Dissolving europium(III) oxide (Eu2O3) in dilute nitric acid produces europium(III) nitrate.[1]

Eu2O3 + 6 HNO3 → 2 Eu(NO3)3 + 3 H2O

Complexes edit

Europium(III) nitrate reacts with some ligands to form complexes. It reacts with 1,3,5-trimesic acid, producing europium metal-organic framework, a coordination polymer, under hydrothermal conditions.[2]

References edit

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