Fan Song


Fan Song Radar
Fan Song fire control radar of the SA-2 SAM-system.JPEG
Egyptian Fan Song E
Country of origin Soviet Union
TypeFire control & tracking
FrequencyE/F band, G band [1]
PRFsearch: 828-1,440 Hz; track: 1,656-2,880 Hz (G band) [1]
Beamwidth10x2deg (E/F band);
7.5x1.5deg (G band) [1]
Pulsewidth0.4-1.2 μs (G band) [1]
Range60-120 km (E/F band);
75-145 km (G band) [1]
Power600 kW (E/F band);
1.0 MW (G band) [1]

The Fan Song is the NATO reporting name for SNR-75 series of trailer-mounted E band/F band and G band fire control and tracking radars for use with the Soviet SA-2 Guideline surface-to-air missile system.


The Fan Song radars are capable of tracking a single target at a time, and can guide up to three missiles at once to it. The radars feature two orthogonal antennas, one for azimuth and one for elevation, which can operate in a track-while-scan mode. These antennas transmit 10 × 2 degree or 7.5 x 1.5 degree beams and perform a 'flapping' motion as they scan their sectors.[1][2]

The Fan Song E includes two additional parabolic dishes for narrow beam and LORO tracking modes.[3]

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