Steam tug Fearless.JPG
Name: Rockwing (1945 - 1947)
Builder: Midlands Shipyards Ltd
Launched: May 1945
Saudi Arabia
Name: Abqaiq 3[1]
Owner: Arabian-American Oil Co., Ltd
In service: 1949
Out of service: 1954
Name: Fearless (1954 - current)
In service: 1954
Out of service: 1982
General characteristics
Tonnage: Gross tonnage (GT) of 249[1]
Length: 113 feet (34 m)[1]
Beam: 30 feet (9.1 m)[1]
Depth: 12.42 feet (3.79 m)[1]
Propulsion: Triple Expansion steam engine cylinders[3]

Fearless is a tugboat that is located in Birkenhead, South Australia, Australia.

She was built in Midland, Ontario, Canada in 1945 as the Rockwing, then renamed Tapline 2 (1948–49) and Abqaiq 3 (1949-1954). She received the name Fearless in 1954.[1]

Fearless was put up for sale in 1972 in Brisbane, Australia and bought by Keith LeLeu for $1. He sailed her to Port Adelaide in with a volunteer crew, taking nine days. Four months later LeLeu sold the ship, with other museum materials, to the National Trust of South Australia, again for $1. The collection was subsequently transferred to the History Trust of South Australia with the Fearless being transferred at a later date to a developer called Southern Sea Eagles.[2][3]

In 2017, Fearless was one of the ships considered in a study funded by Renewal SA about "a strategy for berthing or locating historic ships and vessels within the inner harbour of Port Adelaide."[4]


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