Fleet Readiness Center West


Fleet Readiness Center West
ActiveNovember 2008 - Present
BranchUS Navy
Commanding OfficerCAPT Bret A. Washburn
Executive OfficerCMDR David A. Vondrak
Command Master ChiefCMDCM Randall T. Bonine

Fleet Readiness Center West (FRCW) is located in Lemoore Station, California and is part of Naval Air Station Lemoore.[1] It is a subsidiary of the Navy's Fleet Readiness Center Command


FRC West provides quality intermediate and depot level aviation maintenance, component repair and logistics support [2] specializing in the world's premier strike fighter platform, the FA-18, including all type/model/series at all locations/detachments. The Aircraft Modification Line in Lemoore, California specializes in Phased Maintenance Intervals (PMI) and Aircraft Modifications (MODs) for the FA-18 platform and along with a Depot detachment in Fallon, Nevada perform In Service Repairs (ISR's) on all Navy type/model/series. In addition FRCW's detachments in Fort Worth, Fallon and China Lake provides support EA-6B, E-2, H-60, F-5, F-16, T-39, H-60, AH-1, EA-6B, AV-8 and C-130 platforms.[3]


In 2015, Capt. Kenneth Brown, was removed from his post "due to a loss of confidence in his ability to lead FRC West", by Rear Adm. Paul Sohl, CO of Fleet Readiness Centers.[4] In 2018, FRCW held a change of command for the CO, replacing Capt. Lehee with Capt. Washburn.[5]

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