Flotsam and Jetsam (Peter Gabriel album)


Flotsam and Jetsam
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Released13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)
LabelReal World, Virgin EMI, Republic
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Rated PG
Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam is a compilation album of B-sides, remixes and rarities by English rock musician Peter Gabriel. It was released on 13 September 2019 in digital stores and on streaming services only.[1][2]

Track listing


Disc 1: 1976–1985
1."Strawberry Fields Forever"All This and World War II soundtrack (1976)2:33
2."Slowburn" (Extended Version)original version on Peter Gabriel (1977)5:16
3."Perspective" (Single Version)"D.I.Y." single (1978)5:07
4."D.I.Y." (Re-recorded Single Version)"D.I.Y." single (1978)2:53
5."Teddy Bear""D.I.Y." single (1978)2:17
6."Mother of Violence" (Single Mix)"D.I.Y." single (1978)3:15
7."Solsbury Hill" (Live at The Bottom Line)Fanclub flexi disc (1978)5:11
8."I Don't Remember" (Alternate Version)"Games Without Frontiers" single (1980)3:26
9."Biko" (Remixed Version)"I Don’t Remember" single (1980)9:00
10."Shosholoza""Biko" single (1980)5:19
11."Jetzt Kommt die Flut""Biko" single (1980)4:58
12."Soft Dog""Shock the Monkey" single (1982)4:14
13."Shock the Monkey" (Instrumental)"Shock the Monkey" single (1982)5:51
14."Across the River""I Have the Touch" single (1982)7:02
15."Kiss of Life" (Live)"Solsbury Hill (live)" Dutch single (1983)5:12
16."I Don't Remember" (Live Single Version)"I Don’t Remember" single (1983)4:55
Total length:1:16:29
Disc 2: 1986–1993
1."I Have the Touch" (1985 Remix)"Sledgehammer" single (1986)5:11
2."Sledgehammer" (Dance Mix)"Sledgehammer" single (1986)7:28
3."Sledgehammer" (Extended)"Sledgehammer" single (1986)5:38
4."Don’t Break This Rhythm" (Full Version)Previously unreleased. Edited version released on "Sledgehammer" single (1986)6:09
5."In Your Eyes" (Single Mix)"In Your Eyes" US single (1986)6:20
6."In Your Eyes" (Special remix)"Don’t Give Up" single (1986)7:18
7."Big Time" (Extended Version)"Big Time" single (1987)6:14
8."Curtains""Big Time" single (1987)3:29
9."GA GA" (I Go Swimming Instrumental)"Red Rain" single (1987)4:33
10."Walk Through the Fire" (Single Mix)"Red Rain" single (1987)3:34
11."Biko" (Live)"Biko" single (1987)6:31
12."Digging in the Dirt" (Raw Stylus Mix)"Digging in the Dirt" single (1992)7:23
13."Digging in the Dirt" (Instrumental)"Digging in the Dirt" single (1992)5:12
14."Quiet Steam""Digging in the Dirt" single (1992)6:27
15."Bashi-Bazouk""Digging in the Dirt" single (1992)4:48
16."Games Without Frontiers" (Massive/DB Mix)"Steam" single (1993)5:20
17."Steam" (Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam Mix)"Steam" single (1993)6:43
18."Steam" (Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam Mix Dub)"Steam" single (1993)5:47
19."Mercy Street" (William Orbit Mix)"Blood of Eden" single (1993)7:56
20."Blood of Eden" (Special Mix for Wim WendersUntil the End of the World)"Blood of Eden" single (1993)6:43
21."Digging in the Dirt" (Rich E Mix)"Kiss That Frog" single (1993)7:28
22."Kiss That Frog" (Mindblender Mix)"Kiss That Frog" single (1993)6:46
23."Shaking the Tree" (Bottrill Remix)"Kiss That Frog" single (1993)5:54
Total length:2:18:52
Disc 3: 1994–2016
1."Summertime"The Glory of Gershwin (1994)3:49
2."Suzanne"Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen (1995)5:13
3."I Have the Touch" (Robbie Robertson Mix)Phenomenon soundtrack (1996)5:30
4."In the Sun"Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute (1997)6:44
5."Shaking the Tree 97" (Jungle Version)Jungle 2 Jungle soundtrack (1997)5:38
6."I Grieve" (City of Angels Version)City of Angels soundtrack (1998)8:12
7."The Tower That Ate People" (Red Planet Remix)Red Planet soundtrack (2000)6:28
8."Animal Nation"The Wild Thornberrys Movie soundtrack (2002)7:22
9."Signal to Noise" (Gangs of New York Version)Gangs of New York soundtrack (2002)7:39
10."More Than This" (The Polyphonic Spree Mix)"More Than This" single (2002)5:08
11."More Than This" (Elbow Mix)"More Than This" single (2002)5:05
12."My Head Sounds Like That" (Röyksopp Remix)"More Than This" & "The Barry Williams Show" singles (2002)8:24
13."Sky Blue" (Martyn Bennett Remix)"More Than This" single (2002)5:19
14."Growing Up" (Trent Reznor Remix)"Growing Up" single (2003)6:31
15."Growing Up" (Stabilizer Remix)"Growing Up" single (2003)4:51
16."Growing Up" (Tricky Instrumental Mix)"Growing Up" single (2003)1:32
17."Darkness" (Engelspost Remix)"Burn You Up, Burn You Down" single (2003)14:09
18."Curtains" (Broad Mix)Uscita (2004)5:59
19."Father, Son" (Daniel Lanois & Richard Chappell Mix)Uscita (2004)4:39
20."Courage"Previously unreleased full version. Original unfinished version first released on the So 25th Anniversary Boxset. Overdubbed for digital single release (2013)4:36
21."Courage" (The Hexidecimal Mix)"Courage" digital single (2013)5:26
22."I’m Amazing"Digital single (2016)7:33
23."The Veil"Digital single (2016)5:51
Total length:2:21:38 (5:56:59)


Notable non-album tracks missing from this compilation include:


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